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  1. Explore Transport

    Minimum speed

    Although I am part of the snail club, I drive generally to the limit, but on the CD it is 60km/h all the way, even in the 80 signed area. This is not to troll but to allow for oncoming traffic to get back in Lane before I get to them. If there is a crash ahead of me, I slow down to sometimes 30 or even 20, so by the time I get to the crash they have F7'd and so I can pull back up to speed without stopping. (that's the idea) Sometimes when I get to a town i will go slow, deliberately so, so to try and catch every light on green oroom changing too green when i approach
  2. Explore Transport

    What you think about Skoda?

    yeah the centre of gravity seems to be about a meter above the car, i rolled one on my way from a trailer park (caravan site) east of redding to the depot in Redding and put it on its roof (at 60mph!) as for what I would like to see: variants of scs paint jobs that we see on standard trucks. starski and hutch style paint job bull bars with spots for that mean aussie look underfloor neons. as for vans, what about a leyland sherpa!
  3. Explore Transport

    "Best" Trucks in ATS

    @Granite that's why I love it. Can make any delivery with ease, it is however heavy with 400 gallons of fuel It's roughly the size of rjl scania T cab
  4. Thank you for processing my report tickets




    Merci beaucoup :-) 

  5. however a ban-wave of arcade players on sim servers driving like they are racing will happen soon
  6. as a Sim driver and not a member of the Skodarati, I have to disagree there, instead I would like it to be a contractual reward where you need to go 6 months without a ban. if you get a ban then its taken away from you for 6 months. As for the 130km/h, or even the 150 limit, that wasn't the problem, the problem was the reckless driving selfies on the CD road, and now the privilige to do 150km/h has been removed. (which doesn't affect me and never did affect me as even when I was in a Skoda, my limiter was on, 65mph ATS, 56mph ETS and more often than not I would be cruising at just under the 80km/h speed limit on autobahns anyway
  7. Explore Transport

    How do you see TMP updates to servers and rules?

    Exactly. I was watching speedy's admin stream and people.were reporting people who were sat at Red lights for blocking, using the press enter to skip the coupling for cheating, doing the speed limit for trolling. And one guy in a white scania run a red light and reported a skoda for hitting him when in fact the skoda had the green light Scania guy got a ban.
  8. Explore Transport

    Bellingham logging trail

    I did the BLT last night at 10 UK (12 eastern) on us server. Speedy_TMP was there as I made my climb in a Peterbilt 579 with a log rack Enjoyable climbv
  9. Oh you should have seen the debate on the TMP face book. You're quite within your rights to get more than a bit salty when players show no regard for other players. CD for example is 60km/h limit. I stick at that (within 10km/h) and if I'm cruising at 60, anyone else can wait as you shouldn't be overtaking. If you overtake i will back off but don't expect me to speed up.
  10. Exodus I'd those who don't want to abide by the rules I'd imagine If that's the case, no loss
  11. TMP players have a lot of questionable attitude and unwarranted self importance, however this is not always the case but it seems that those we remember the most are impatient and must get past at all costs. My stream is on my game side profile and although I may not be the best Driver on ETS2MP I have seen many many worse than me, many are probably playing with keys which doesn't help. Driving is tactile and ETS2 IS NOT GTA if you want a pleasant drive join me in SOUTHAMPTON on Saturday on EU1 server
  12. Can't be done However enjoy
  13. What is it like spawning loads with your own trailer as I'd probably go up with a log float.
  14. Explore Transport

    [ATS] Trailer Stablility forsed to 100%???

    Thing is, some players ABUSE stability so they can troll and ram, then flip.themselves back up. Personally I'd have set it to 0.5
  15. Explore Transport

    Bellingham logging trail

    Order of priority 1: loaded trucks going up 2: loaded coming down 3: empty going up 4: empty coming down Empty: any vehicle with an unloaded trailer or no trailer.