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  1. Explore Transport

    I forgot to fill the fuel tank. Oh no.

    there was a pic where someone had RUN OUT of fuel and rolled to a fuel station, only to come to a stop NEXT to the icon rather than ON the icon!
  2. Explore Transport

    Driving On Grass + From Wrong Way (Ban or Kick)

    i had an occasion in Amsterdam / Rotterdam area, EU2, two fast moving blobs come up behind me, I'm in lane 1 in a DAF XF 510 with a load of concrete beams going uphill, to my right - the shoulder, to my left the overtaking lane, so I begin to move left as one comes level with my trailer to give extra room, however the other one had split and gone right, because he was going up the hard shoulder on an illegal overtake we actually collided. he may have reported me, but i dont think anything came of it, and because the way the player was driving it may have been seen as racing his partner as the one that did get past me was seriously hauling with a high power truck with a very light trailer. If someone is faster, I will move over to give them room, so long as they're going in a passing lane and NOT up the shoulder. ---- as for wrong way, one place where i see it often is at fuel stations on single carriageway roads where sometimes its SAFER to go the wrong way, particularly if you are in a LHD truck in the UK or a RHD truck in Europe, not everyone uses no2 camera for driving, or uses the Kinderspiegel that pop up with the F2 key, The person pulling out of a fuel station with a LHD truck in the UK, or a RHD truck in Europe has a BIG blind spot on their passenger side, and if they have not got a GPS up, they may or may not see someone coming up and think it clear to proceed. *crunch* I won't report people for doing this, as they may be doing that due to a number of reasons, as if you need fuel, sometimes thats the only one you can get to, or it may be simply because its safer as you can see traffic coming from both directions as it is coming down your driver's side. For those doing this, Don't just pull straight out, instead wait for it to be safe to proceed and get back into the correct lane quickly AND SAFELY. For those who are coming down the road and see someone doing this don't report them and clog the system with worthless reports, instead slow down / stop and let them out.
  3. Explore Transport

    Driving On Grass + From Wrong Way (Ban or Kick)

    driving on the grass is fine, its a perfectly acceptable place to pull over, and you have to drive on the grass for a short period to ensure your ENTIRE truck is off the road. sometimes you can get forced onto the grass to avoid an accident (i know, I have seen this myself on the CD when folk have been pushed by someone who forgets they have a trailer. Then you have nowhere to go.
  4. Explore Transport

    issue with the Scout interior

    There is a slight problem with the RIGHT HAND DRIVE version of the scout with the current version of ETS2MP compatible for 1.33. The problem is always replicable and only affects the UK spec cabins, this particulat example was purchased from a DAF dealership i think.
  5. Explore Transport

    8*4 chassis and 6x2 chassis Which one do you prefer?

    6x2 rear lift LWB This is because it gives stability when down and when i need to I can pop the tag and spin it around in less room than a 4x2
  6. Explore Transport

    Who uses the Logitech Farming Sim Side Console?

    has somebody got a pic of one on their desk?
  7. subbed to your feed :-)


    also the guy who hit me must have used a hack, he's been banned till the sun freezes over.

    1. xXBlazieXx


      Yep. I told you. 


  8. Explore Transport

    Skoda - Our friend or enemy?

    I also have a scout, however i run with my limiter in in game, so on EU1 or EU2 / 3 i can only go 56mph, be I in a car or scania.
  9. Explore Transport

    Dirt roads?

    would be a good idea, however id imagine it would be horrendous on the dynamic feedback through wheels like the G29 and such. its bad enough through the quarry at 40km/h when the wheel makes the table shake due to the feedback being active.
  10. Explore Transport

    Caravans - owned???

    As we know, there is Trailer ownership, and some events such as convoys often feature Scoda's (no, thats NOT a miss-type) with the required trailer being the caravan and as we all know, FINDING one can be a pain, so even though I am not a total fan of the caravan and Scout / Skoda, can we have it as OWNABLE with custom features?
  11. Explore Transport

    Do you follow real traffic rules?

    Ideally I'd like eu1 to get busier @Miyuki @Top Bloke (AUS) Eu3 does seem to take a different crowd. I think that may be to the lack of scout cars. An idea that crossed my mind If you get banned for a reason such as ramming you get locked off the scout so you can't use it
  12. Explore Transport

    Do you follow real traffic rules?

    I bet you got there before they did too.
  13. Explore Transport

    Do you follow real traffic rules?

    If you keep to 60km/h rather than piling on, you don't have to keep stopping because of accidents caused by people overcooking it, That causes brake ripple which takes ages to clear behind you, secondly by the time you get to the accident site I front of you, it's cleared and you roll on by. Result : traffic keeps moving also, lets flip the tables here, @Top Bloke (AUS) if you are doing the speed limit and I am hare-arsing up behind you doing XX km/h over the speed limit, why should you give way to me its up to me as the speed chaser to get past safely, and therfore signal, move out, pass, signal and move in without causing any problem to your run. be it on an Autobahn with 3 lanes, or a single lane road.
  14. Explore Transport

    Do you follow real traffic rules?

    In one of those who on single lane roads such as the Palermo-Livorno road, the Aberdeen to Edinburgh road, the Dover to Southampton road, the CD where there is one lane for each direction, I keep to 60km/h, regardless if there is traffic behind me or not. On a German Autobahn where its posted at 80km/h, I will sit if its busy at 80km/h but if its quiet I will sometimes allow the speed to creep up to my trucks maximum speed of 90km/h. You may have seen me transiting the CD on some occasions, tiptoeing down the CD at 60km/h, which is however the posted speed limit for that road, sometimes with a queue of vehicles behind me. however because I am doing the POSTED speed limit, I therefore do not have to give way, and so DON'T I will also slow down in the bends as generally there will probably be some person who wants to wing-it around a line of traffic unable to see what is coming around the bend, I like to be able to stop for those idiots!
  15. Explore Transport

    Save Editing - Am I following the rules?

    You need to relocate the bullbar, it will do damage to your truck there, move it upwards The top of the bullbar needs to be level with the top of your grille