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  1. If the 106 had a longer chassis, I'd be tempted to use that but the 105 has a good chassis length. MAN TGXe6 is too long from the 5th wheel to the back of the frame. You would puncture the fuel. Tank of refrigerated trailers with it. I'm driving a 105 6x2 tag at the moment on my promods profile
  2. The main servers will still be busy, Reason: That strip of tarmac between Calais and Duisburg
  3. Heya 


    You passed my convoy on Saturday,  nicely played buddy 😄 and your tag referencing donuts made me smile.


    Unfortunately I didn't finish my delivery for I missed a turn and rolled my truck 😞


    roll safe matey and hope to see you again on the roads, take care and stay safe .



    1. KhaosHammer


      Ahah, I always forget that I have this tag on ATS. At least it still makes people smile/laugh 🤣


      I rarely play ATS, but who knows, maybe I'll meet you again on the road!


      Drive safe and have fun! ^-^

  4. Bellingham Washington ATS 6x2 truck WITHOUT A LIFT AXLE
  5. Sometimes it takes 7 to 10 days, my last one took 12 hours. If you are using the ingame cb and someone does something on the player behind you then tries it on you, that could also add evidence.
  6. Yup. Dover has changed and I love how they have changed Calais, added more towns in Scotland (which should please SpeedyTMP) I tried a run from Iceland to Larnaka, keeping to EU tachograph regulations. 6 hour stream!
  7. for me, I generally haul either a refrigerated van trailer or a container float. Usually with a 6x2 tag lift, although I have Krone and Schwarzmuller DLC, its normally a generic SCS trailer (nicer looking - I would use the krone if they had single wheel arches like the Schwarzmuller or the generics, however the Schwarzmuller stay bars off the landing gear gets in the way of the back of the frame on the 6x2 tag axle trucks as ist optimised for 4x2 trucks)
  8. Well let's start Ghost2501UK came from my favourite film, Ghost in the Shell (anime version) Space Night is an interest And explore transport is just, well fitting, I EXPLORE the map TRANSPORTing goods
  9. One problem is people reporting people sat at Red lights for blocking when an unrelated convoy comes up behind them, or a player doesnt want to be sat behind someone obeying a red light, or sat cruising at the speed limit. As a result the system gets clogged with false reports.
  10. Heya. Mark from Stoke, England here I originally started on TMP Originally under the name "Ghost2501UK" I joined TMP back in 2014 when I worked for DHL as a driver of a 7.5t truck, I also played until 2018 on keys before moving to a G29 wheel and what a change that made. Also in 2018 I switched to "Space_Night" then later to Ghost2501 before settling on "Explore Transport". As a player, I now stream on Youtube most saturdays, my channel can be found in my profile (its youtube.com/xantec ) - When it comes to trucks I preffer 6x2 rear lift set up with the Scania S650 6x2 long wheel base tag being my go-to truck although I also drive a Daf XF 6x2 from time to time, why tag axles? more manouvrable than 6x4 and 6x2 twin steer, more stable with the tag down than a 4x2. I also play (and stream) ATS too, usually in a Peterbilt 579 with a 510hp motor, again a 6x2 and yes I am not afraid to tackle the Logging road with that truck too! As for work I now drive a transit van for an electrical components distributor to the electrician trade.
  11. Although this pic is from Single player I have MP trucks in the same colour, as well as the black and red of RIBPACK VTC, however on Saturday I went into something a bit different, a bright ACID GREEN daf XF! (Sorry for the offencive pic below)
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