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  1. EU2 server purpose

    it seems to be that the majority seems to use EU2 and EU3, probably because no speed limit, however in amongst the population, there is a large portion of us who populate these 2 servers who actually drive safely, whether they're in a Volvo FH16 or a Troll-wagen (aka Scout), and there are some empty roads on the map, mostly in the add-on DLC areas. The trolls dont usually buy DLC, there are some people who really should know better who do have the DLC's. It would be nice if some of us were to start to migrate to EU1, however when you're cruising on a map on a server capable of holding 2000 players and there are just 10 or 12 on the map, it gets a little boring. As such even the sim-drivers go to EU2 so they encounter traffic. it is also a shame that most of the traffic seems to sit on one road, a single lane road that runs up the coast between Calais and Duisburg. I think some drivers only ever use that part of the map. i know I'm no saint on the road, far from it (just watch my videos), but even I like to enjoy other areas of the map.
  2. What do you think about the car drivers on C-D?

    lol, I have also worked out why it handles so bad, it has 360 litres of fuel on board.so around a quarter of its weight is fuel. but yes it is a troll-wagen on the CD.
  3. What do you think about the car drivers on C-D?

    the Scout has a reputation of being a Troll-wagen, it can be driven carefully however what I noticed here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36G219pp9ik was that truckers gave me a WIDE berth particularly on the autoroute, a blue dot doing the speed limit, NOPE a troll-wagen doing the speed limit, It must have come as a surprise!
  4. make bumper spots work on trucks

    Suggestion Name: make front foglights on trucks work Suggestion Description: At the moment, only tuning mods give functionality to the lower bumper foglights on stock trucks, these mods are not supported by TMP. Any example images: Why should it be added?: Utilising the same key that turns on the lower auxiliary lights to give more illumination on the highway, this particularly useful in unlit areas on the map such as back roads and some sections of motorway across the map and some vehicles, like the new Actros and Next Gen Scania have bull bar options that do not have spotlight slots, therefore having the bumper spotlights active in the trucks will aid players in being able to see further down the road without the need to add a light bar on the front, particularly useful if players account has not unlocked said spots and lightbar. Activation could be by syncrhonising with the highbeams so they come on when players turn on their high beams, or it can be on the F4 selection panel and operate when player selects "front auxiliary lights" thereby allowing the player to have the option of turning them on or off without the highbeams. (SCS have dropped the ball here)
  5. Most accident causers on C-D are the scouts?!

    crashes om the whole are caused by people going too fast, wanting to overtake where it is unsafe to do so because they are fed up of being behind the vehicle infront that is doing the speed limit. I for one do have a Scout and several trucks, mainly Daf 530s with a few 510s and Scania 730s in the fleet and keep to the speed limit most of the time so get passed a lot. Of all the crashes I have had, its been through drivers trying to force their way past me because I am going too slow for their liking. There are however drivers on EU2 mainly who like to run at high speeds in trucks because they don't like the 90km/h speed limiter, yet when they pass they choose the right opportunity, and give them selves plenty of run up and plenty of space to get in without cutting me off. Others however will honk like crazy and cut in right in front of my nose.
  6. J-Spec Trucks: The New Cool Trend

    does this count?
  7. World of Trucks Jobs In MP

    ^ the Turks and some of the "flip flop brigade" seem to lean on the airhorns when overtaking so at least you know when they're coming. honk honnnnnk honnnnnnk *mirror check to reveal Scania R730 rocketship* HONK HONK HONK *mirror check reveals truck that was now 100m behind IS NOW ALONG SIDE* HONK HONK HONNNNK *watch truck dive in front of you after almost colliding with oncoming traffic, missing your front mirror hitbox by a pixel* yet all this time all you can hear is a language that you can't even hope to understand and chat stream filled with "record (number)" "REC-BAN (number)" "noob" "idiot (number)" etc etc in pretty much every language used on TMP there are some really great Eastern European, Russian and Turkish drivers who I would feel comfortable having behind me as I know they can be relied on to pull out, pass and pull in with care and respect, and some really bad Western European drivers who couldn't give a hoot about other players and fill the admin report server with fake reports because they have been unable to get by dangerously so have reported someone for blocking and trolling when in fact they are actually driving to the rules, not only of TMP but also the REAL LIFE rules of the road, like stopping at red lights, stopping at level crossings and waiting for a space to move into before proceeding, keeping to the posted speed limit on single lane roads, waiting at T-junctions to safely pull into the main road. I bet the Admins are overwhelmed with those kind of reports.
  8. Parking in drop yards

    i dont even remember loading docks being collision zones and I have been playing ETS2 since it came out I know I will try and go along side someone when entering a drop yard if they're camped on the icon, that way once I am in the yard i can nose up to the icon, interact and then try to find my parking slot without blocking the highway. Calais, Duisburg are just mad. I don't even like to go to the locations there. the repair yards however, anything goes as people often F7 into them. - thats a different issue, especially if you have just unlocked a new level and so its accessories, you will then want to explore those upgrades and reconfigure your truck so parking on that icon I can understand, it takes a few minutes to reconfigure a truck.
  9. Should SCS make an Australian Truck game ?

    we are bad enough with single trailers, would you trust us with something like this? also 90% of roads in Australia are straight single lane undivided roads and bush roads. but yes, I agree. i'd love to drive a 510 daf or 730 Scania with a triple trailer road train or a B-double.
  10. and its permitted within the rules. which is why its BLOODY DANGEOUS to use it as a running lane!
  11. Parking in drop yards

    I dont know about other players, but would it be nice if people who need to go AFK for what ever reason do it away from the trailer drop areas in delivery yards, I know its non collision zone, but when people are trying to drop a trailer or pick up a trailer, sometimes having people camped on the drop location makes life difficult, especially if its one of the short dump trailers and concealed by a large 45ft refrigerated van trailer or one of the heavy cargo trailers. can we help educate the younger community on parking in drop yards in both ATS and ETS2? as well as encouraging people to wait their turn to get a door. when people are trying to dock a trailer and people are flying every which way but loose it can make younger, and inexperienced player struggle when they're trying to put a trailer into the hitbox when they can't even see their own truck.
  12. World of Trucks Jobs In MP

    pretty much. You may have seen my S730 or XF510 "trolling the speeders" by keeping to the speed limit I did use an XF410 too on one run
  13. World of Trucks Jobs In MP

    Im not anti overtaking, I just wish people would take care when overtaking, such as on long straight sections with nothing comimg from the other direction, so they have time to get in safely, this also means that rather than suddenly close in the gap, the person behind the overtaker who has just started his move keeps the space open in case the overtaker has to abort his overtake. again, the same applies, BE AWARE of slower traffic.
  14. World of Trucks Jobs In MP

    ^ well on roads like the C-D, the posted speed limit is 60km.h for a lot of it, and yes when I kept to that limit, I had several trucks go by honking their air horns, one guy did the same thing to north bound traffic, overtook them on a blind bend AFTER the level crossing about half 25 minutes down the CD from Duisburg and piled straight into me. After pausing to report and watching him F7 I continued on my way. guess where I spotted him next, the level crossing! so sometimes the angry mob who INSIST on overtaking actually take LONGER to get to their destination than those who keep to the posted speed limit because they've done a balls to the wall overtake, crashed and had to BACKWARDS when they hit F7.
  15. World of Trucks Jobs In MP

    it happens. quite often its not a deliberate ram, but more of innatention as when you are doing a World of trucks job, you are limited to 56mph in ETS, 65mph in ATS, this means that as you go down the road the "rammer" is usually flying by at 150km/h and not always paying a great deal of attention and next thing they know is your truck is filling their screen.