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  1. Explore Transport

    Do you follow real traffic rules?

    Ideally I'd like eu1 to get busier @Miyuki @Top Bloke (AUS) Eu3 does seem to take a different crowd. I think that may be to the lack of scout cars. An idea that crossed my mind If you get banned for a reason such as ramming you get locked off the scout so you can't use it
  2. Explore Transport

    Do you follow real traffic rules?

    I bet you got there before they did too.
  3. Explore Transport

    Do you follow real traffic rules?

    If you keep to 60km/h rather than piling on, you don't have to keep stopping because of accidents caused by people overcooking it, That causes brake ripple which takes ages to clear behind you, secondly by the time you get to the accident site I front of you, it's cleared and you roll on by. Result : traffic keeps moving also, lets flip the tables here, @Top Bloke (AUS) if you are doing the speed limit and I am hare-arsing up behind you doing XX km/h over the speed limit, why should you give way to me its up to me as the speed chaser to get past safely, and therfore signal, move out, pass, signal and move in without causing any problem to your run. be it on an Autobahn with 3 lanes, or a single lane road.
  4. Explore Transport

    Do you follow real traffic rules?

    In one of those who on single lane roads such as the Palermo-Livorno road, the Aberdeen to Edinburgh road, the Dover to Southampton road, the CD where there is one lane for each direction, I keep to 60km/h, regardless if there is traffic behind me or not. On a German Autobahn where its posted at 80km/h, I will sit if its busy at 80km/h but if its quiet I will sometimes allow the speed to creep up to my trucks maximum speed of 90km/h. You may have seen me transiting the CD on some occasions, tiptoeing down the CD at 60km/h, which is however the posted speed limit for that road, sometimes with a queue of vehicles behind me. however because I am doing the POSTED speed limit, I therefore do not have to give way, and so DON'T I will also slow down in the bends as generally there will probably be some person who wants to wing-it around a line of traffic unable to see what is coming around the bend, I like to be able to stop for those idiots!
  5. Explore Transport

    Save Editing - Am I following the rules?

    You need to relocate the bullbar, it will do damage to your truck there, move it upwards The top of the bullbar needs to be level with the top of your grille
  6. Explore Transport

    Make fuel station deliveries NCZs

    id also like the hard standing at ports to be active collisions, with only the interaction areas and spawn points such as the ferry and train being ncz, BUT there is a troll risk,
  7. Explore Transport

    What do you think about the car drivers on C-D?

    with the sheer number of reports, I think they may actually time out. My advice, record then report on the website. its a little longer but it does work.
  8. Explore Transport

    What do you think about the car drivers on C-D?

    I have seen some excellent scout drivers out there who time their overtaking carefully, hang back, signal then make their move and return to Lane without cutting people off. There are then drivers who follow the rules but are awful, ( im probably in that group) Then there are those who should be hung for trolling !
  9. Explore Transport

    Allowed to follow speed limits and road rules on EU#2 to EU#4 or not ???

    Classic. They don't half get wound up when behind someone who drives by the rules.
  10. Explore Transport

    Automatic crash reporter

    also imagine if you are in an area of the map which has active collisions and dirt, you're in a truck that even with diff-locks is constantly wheel spinning because you can't get traction so you ask a person behind to give you a push because he has double drive (you may have only got a level 14 truck so 4x2 with weedy levels of power is all you are going to get, do you want a ban to be issued to a friend who you have asked to give a gentle push? There are enough fraudlulent reports going on for things like blocking because someone can't do a dangerous overtake, the mod's don't need the hassle. Best thing is to use the existing reports. imagine being reported for ramming and auto banned for 3 days because somene hit you doing a dangerous overtake and due to the backloads your ban appeal doesn't get dealt with until its expired. remember, as its impact generated if someone hits you, you could also be auto reported and if you have history, BANNED for something that you have not done. so my take on it: KEEP THE REPORTING SYSTEM AS IT IS - DO NOT CHANGE IT! I stop at lights and have had people swear at me in various languages, lean on their horns and flash lights because NOTHING is coming, yet I am at a RED traffic light so stay put. I have been reported for blocking as I was merging slowly with traffic at the Duisburg end of the CD, a speed rocket wanted to get past. I have probably been reported for blocking because I do 60km/h on a single lane road, even if its posted 80km/h. this could also lead to you being reported for ramming and banned because someone has CUT YOU OFF diving out of the way of oncoming traffic because they have done a dangerous overtake .
  11. Explore Transport

    Allowed to follow speed limits and road rules on EU#2 to EU#4 or not ???

    the CD is one of those roads. i think its the coastal scenery that was the initial attraction, its also one of the main roads that causes most of the reports, people who collide with somone whilst overtaking, then report the person they hit for ramming. to visualise this, players A B C and D are all heading southbound on the CD with A B and C obeying the speed limits with D charging along some distance behind but closing fast on C, whilst player E is heading north and obeying all posted speed limits and driving carefuully, approaching a blind bend, A and E slow down causing B and C to slow down too, as you would expect them to do, D on the otherhand has caught up with C and pulls out and charges to pass C, B and then A, then hits A and E as he dives into the gap between A and E. in the resulting mess reports E for ramming and blocking. when in fact D has carried out a dangerous move. I wander if Admin could give us the statistics on this.

    oh fun and games.  Calais seems to be a no go zone on EU2.

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    2. Explore Transport

      Explore Transport

      @The Flying Yorkshireman "It takes 2 to tandem" was interesting, backing into the spot at Trameri.  It wasn't the actual unload spot, for that I cheated and quick parked after I had done what i wanted to do and that was to get the trailer in a gap.


    3. The Flying Yorkshireman

      The Flying Yorkshireman

      i always had on difficult parking on in this game  u wana try promods map some dodgy places there too park ya trailers  lol 

    4. Explore Transport

      Explore Transport

      i have seen some of the drops  squirrel does!

      for MP i generally leave "interact" box open, this means that if a drop is a furball, you can quick park.  handy if your drop is in Calais or D-burg


  13. Explore Transport

    New protocol for handling ghost mode abuse

    like if you get disconnected, you respawn only in work shops, drop yards or garages? or perhaps on the shoulder of an autobahn?, (but there you have the problem of shoulder-riders who like to use the shoulder as an extra lane)
  14. Explore Transport

    Bans for Useless Traffic

    to me, bobtailing from Calais to D-burg to pick a trailer up in D-burg isn't useless as your trip has a purpose, driving from Calais up the CD turning round then driving back to calais, then turning around again IS certainly questionable. I never even knew about that, does that also work on the trailer too?

    fun on the CD!


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    2. Ady Man
    3. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      nice video :) 

    4. Explore Transport

      Explore Transport



      Derpatrick9 it was interesting, and you don't need a massive power truck like an S730 or FH750 to enjoy the CD.  That run was with a 17,000kg payload with 510hp under the cab in a typically Explore style RHD truck.