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  1. Congrats, well deserved.

  2. Congrats ❤️

    1. Caernage


      Thanks for saying congrats and also thanks for the follow :) I appreciate that ;)

    2. Caernage


      Wait wait wait...ASIR? THAT'S YOU?!

    3. Caernage


      Mate, really glad to see you! :o

  3. Proud of you

  4. Gratuluji! Proud of you!

  5. No, it's not visible to others without that DLC.
  6. Vše nej.

    1. TomiikCZ


      Díkec Asire! <3 :P Cením! :love:

  7. Simulation 2 = EU2 haha
  8. Suggestion Name: Collisions on Arcade servers Suggestion Description: Collisions would be enabled on at least one Arcade server Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: It's just up to users opinions and habits, I would like to see collisions on at least one Arcade server Thank you
  9. Please, keep collisions at least on one arcade server.
  10. Congratulations dude!

  11. Thanks for the follow.

    1. MarkON


      No problem

      Have a nice day :)

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