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  1. ~ProMods Norwegen~ :wub:



  2. Let´s start the weekend,i wish you all great Days...!  :D



  3. Alles gute zum Geburtstag und wünsche dir ein schönes neues Lebensjahr... ^_^

  4. Thank´s for your follow... ^_^

  5. Thanks for your follow...!  ;)

    1. THE DOCTOR 46 [ITA]

      THE DOCTOR 46 [ITA]

      Hello Chio.

      I found you by chance on the forum.I read that you live in Austria,nice place.

      I've been there on a motorcycle in August.

    2. [RSL] Chio San

      [RSL] Chio San

      Hy and thanks...Austria is a little Country but we have a beautiful Nature.

      Do you remember where you were in Austria?

    3. THE DOCTOR 46 [ITA]

      THE DOCTOR 46 [ITA]

      Yes.I went to Brno.

      I switched from Graz and Vienna.And the return from Innsbruck.

      beautiful landscapes and road.I really enjoyed it.

  6. ATS Event completed... :D


  7. I Start the Day with good Music...!  :wub:


  8. Why can not I follow you?

    You are maybe the TMP-God...?  :D

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    2. [RSL] Chio San

      [RSL] Chio San

      "Sorry, you cannot add any more reactions today."

      Dammit i must write...Haha :D

    3. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      if you want to  u can add me  on steam :D







    4. [RSL] Chio San

      [RSL] Chio San

      I'm honoured...thx  ;)

  9. I am a bit confused,I read that the DAF should have a new paint job!

    But I can not find her...?  :huh:

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    2. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      dw if  not u can eat my friend @A Simple Cheeseburger :D  haha  jks :troll:


    3. [RSL] Chio San

      [RSL] Chio San

      @The Flying Dutchman 2

      Mmh...Okay then I have it misunderstood...Unfortunately  :(


      @SimulatorExperiencer  I hope he will taste good...!  :P

  10. Trucker help Admin to stop the Scout Car in ETS...  :lol:


  11. OMG watch this good Truck Driver,perfect Reaction!



  12. Hello TMP-Family...^^´

    How do you feel today?

    I'm ready for a great day,i wish you all a nice day and a good ride!  ;)


  13. Winner of Best Truck Design on the Trucker Fest... :wub:


  14. Happy Birthday...  ^_^

  15. Thank you :tmp: for the fast work and the new update!

    Let´s start ATS with Heavy Haul...  :D

  16. Cool Timelapse on Calais-Duisburg Junction


    1. Alles_FME


      Looks cool:)

  17. Heavy Haul DLC for ATS first drive...I love it!  :wub:



    1. [RSL] Chio San

      [RSL] Chio San


  18. I like this trailer but the physics is horrible...  :wacko:



    1. Alles_FME


      yeah its a cool trailer but driving it is not that funny

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      parking it is harder then the linger trailers :o:lol:



  19. #PrayForLondon...  :(

  20. Hy and Welcome...  ;)

  21. Today German Trucker Festival in Mannheim with my VTC Reamonn Spedition und Lagerung GmbH...thank you all Truckers...was an amazing day!!!  :D










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