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  1. Where does the post introduce Scania to American Truck Simulator?
  2. Many years ago, when I was still playing Truckers MP, none of my in-game reports were ever claimed by a moderator in time. The in-game report as it is now is inefficient and urgently needs improvement.
  3. Hi @Foobrother, thanks for pointing out the flaw of the in-game report system and your idea to improve it! Possible tweak to your suggestion: Rule violations, which, according to the moderator, only deserve a kick instead of a ban, should add 1 point to a player's point account. Points will be reduced again over a certain period of time (for example, 1 week per point), provided that no further offenses are committed during this period. If a player reaches a certain number of points on his account, he will be banned for a certain period of time. The player's point account can only be accessed by and is only visible to moderation and the owner.
  4. This should solve the problem of the road between Duisburg and Calais. 😉


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lauren.


      I have no idea we will have to see what they do for the c-d road in the future

    3. Werzey*


      Let's all look forward to it being added in the future!

    4. FernandoCR [ESP]

      FernandoCR [ESP]

      You forgot the fuel station 🤣

  5. To text while driving is dangerous, because it distracts the driver from the traffic situation and increases the risk of causing an accident. Don't text and drive! Be smart, play safe and stop your vehicle at a safe location to send your in-game report. Besides of that, the TruckersMP team should first take care of the elephant in the room, namely the highly ineffective in-game report system. Due to the 10 minutes time frame limitation that a game moderator has to claim an in-game report, most of these reports aren't claimed at all and are lost. The in-game report system therefore should include either the option to safe the evidence to be claimed later or to send the evidence to the web report system. Just thinking aloud...
  6. ^ ^ ^ THIS. @ROMANISTA [ITA], if you don't like wreckfest sponsored by Idiots On The Road, check out the beauty Euro Truck Simulator 2 has to offer literally anywhere else on the map instead.
  7. There is no queue on the road between Duisburg and Calais which I had to endure. At least not in Singleplayer...
  8. I agree - make visibility of advertisements in chat an option for players to turn on or off is a fair solution for everybody.
  9. Thanks @FernandoCR [ESP]. I agree that TruckersMP is unrealistic due to the mostly empty map. Which leaves me with the question directed at TruckersMP team members: When will TruckersMP introduce AI road traffic, as they promised?
  10. You indicated the lane change in a timely manner with your turn indicator. It looks like the other player leaves or creates a gap for you to merge in. If something in this situation is against the rules, it is the other player colliding with your truck.
  11. How about introducing the possibility to create private chat channels for an uninterrupted conversation? VTC advertisement could continue in the main public chat channel.
  12. Simulation starts with oneself, in particular with self-discipline. If one wants to follow national road traffic regulations, one can decide to do so on literally any server. But I agree that players who drive their truck at excessive speeds diminish the experience of realism the same way as empty streets do. On the other hand, A realistic depiction of road traffic thrives on diversity and cannot ignore the fact that people drive at different speeds. Will it be a better and more realistic simulation when everybody was forced to drive at 90 km/h?
  13. A safe overtaking maneuver requires the overtaking vehicle to drive at a significantly higher speed than the vehicle being overtaken. If both vehicles drive at the same speed, overtaking is impossible. Therefore, increasing the server speed limit doesn't make overtaking easier, because both vehicles can still drive at the same (higher) speed.
  14. Hello @Lince.TMP, thanks for sharing your idea. Your suggestion mainly addresses players who care about their status, other road users and road traffic regulations. Unfortunately, the majority of TruckersMP players don't, which makes its success uncertain. Besides of that, I suggest to punish wrong way driving significantly higher due to its dangerous nature. I'd imagine -1 point per 3 seconds.
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