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  1. It depends. If they rammed me so bad I go flying, or just gives a lot of damage, I'll report them. If I get minor damage and I understand why they done it, I'll just leave it. Like if I had to hard break to avoid hitting another player, then someone went into the back off me I won't report them. Same situation^ but the player overtook me and tried ramming in in front of me. Ramming me off road I'd then report them as it's reckless and ramming. <-- I'd most of the time allow the player in front of me, if they just couldn't break in time and I know they did it accidentally. Like in real life if it's a crash it's always going to be accidental, but one or both of the drivers has to take the blame.
  2. Do the breaks reduce when you push in the brake pedal or is constantly stuck at max braking? If it goes down when pressing in the break change "Inverted" to "Normal".
  3. Thought this looked very realistic! (Definitely haven't replaced my DAF!)
  4. The DAF isn't very camera shy! Prime 1 Year Convoy CAR & CARAVAN CONVOY!
  5. I have a very good looking DAF!📸


  6. I know how to do that I just keep forgetting to on ATS as I rarely play it.
  7. I don't think they're disabled. Just other people has different ones as they're not synced. I've got caught of a few times when playing ATS and always forget to turn them off
  8. Update - 14/10/19 •Added a brief description about the gallery. •Added titles to all images. Just a quick update Will be adding a lot more photos when I’m at my computer tomorrow.
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRIME LOGISTICS!💜 Thanks for the amazing convoy & to all the staff who helped out. Since joining Prime (3 months ago), it has encouraged me to play ETS2 almost daily. Whether it's joining the daily convoys or just trucking on my own. I highly recommend joining Prime Logistics as the discord is always active with a very friendly environment and daily opportunities to join convoys and meet up with drivers. 


    Best VTC I've been in and not leaving any time soon!💜


    Happy 1st birthday Prime!🎂🎊

    1. RB1988


      Thank you for attending, Dylan, and I am glad you enjoyed it :D

  10. Happy Birthday!🥳

    1. Mr. Calvin

      Mr. Calvin

      Heyy thank you Dylan!

  11. That’s something SCS will have to add in. I think they have better stuff to be working on than that. You can always turn up interior volume
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