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  1. In my opinion ETS2 is my favorite game. I almost completed the DLCs. It really adopts the environment. I’m also playing ATS however I feel bored sometimes when driving.
  2. Most likely I travel with only max of 95kph since my account is always connected to our VTC. Its also a bit realistic when you stick to below 100kph.
  3. My longest journey mostly from Scandinavia to base map to Black Sea. Its fun to travel from different places
  4. This will bring another feature to the game. I love listening to the radio while driving. Thanks for this add on.
  5. This is a good idea of promoting the cities and the vtc.
  6. This guide helps a lot of truckers who wants to become a patreon. I recently subscribe for another month. Thanks TMP
  7. Its a bit unrealistic playing in arcade mode. When it was released for the first time our convoy become a racing. Other players was passing through on your lane. Haha. But i know the fact that its not for convoy events. However i prefer other servers than arcade.
  8. Basically you have to stop off course. But there are some instance that the stop light is situated at the corner where there is the end of the map. So I have to ignore it sometimes when playing online.
  9. I have gain a lot of garage from base map to dlc. Everytime I travel i stop to nearest city and buy that garage
  10. I meet a lot of friends in Kirkenes too. But some players really just want to make fun with other players and causes more traffic. Hehe
  11. [TPH] Zyph

    DAF XF 105

    I love this truck. I like using it and the sound is amazing.
  12. Really love the winter mod. Its really drifts on the road. Just be careful with other truckers
  13. I love the tube pipe and logs cargoes.
  14. It depends on the moderator on how severity you made. But mostly if the case is just a minor case they will kick you.
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