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  1. Gentoo isn't an antivirus, it's a GNU/Linux operating system. Malwarebytes shouldn't be used as your only option. It's not good enough and isn't intended for standalone use. Use something like Avast and Malwarebytes in tandem.
  2. Honestly if you don't have the common sense to deal with this scenario then how are you even on the computer right now? If you want true protection, install Gentoo.
  3. What is the point of having a launcher if I have to download updates for that exactly like I did with the base game?
  4. This was previously suggested and rejected. Use the search function.
  5. That's not reckless driving - it puts no-one at risk. Swerving dangerously on the highway when people are around is an example of reckless driving. It happens to me all the time.
  6. SharpOB

    Winter mod

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again. THEY DO NOT NEED TO MAKE THEIR OWN MOD! They can use a mod that's already been made, there are many, many great winter mods. Pick a few, ask for permission and use it as a way to mutually benefit the community and the author via promotion. The very least they could do (and should do) is give a straight answer.
  7. We NEED the winter mod to make a return. It wouldn't even be that difficult, a mod-maker would probably give the TMP team permission to use his/her version upon request, so we could always do it that way. It'd give them promotion and is of mutual benefit.
  8. That's an error caused by them, I had the same issue and did a bit of digging. The unresponsive part is probably you. If you have a spare laptop, I'd recommend running ets2map off of it.
  9. It'd be useless to work on a map until the rescale is complete.
  10. I cannot see any vehicles and I cannot change the color of city names etc, which is a dealbreaker because I prefer the background as black. I am getting this from the console: map.js:1571 GET https://tracker.ets2map.com/v2/2/-21096/-8993/3298 request @ map.js:1571getTruckData @ map.js:1416run @ map.js:1059(anonymous function) @ VM893:1 (index):1 XMLHttpRequest cannot load https://tracker.ets2map.com/v2/2/-21096/-8993/3298. No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin 'http://ets2map.com' is therefore not allowed access. The response had HTTP status code 502. Whether it's important is bewildering me. Following the link gives me a CloudFlare 504, so I guess it's entirely your end and will probably be resolved soon. GG, It was fun.
  11. British road rage can be so fun: 



  12. http://ets2.lt/en/frosty-winter-weather-mod-v-6-0/


    This is an excellent winter mod, perhaps we'll use it this year?

  13. Seems ets2map.com is broken.

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