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  1. Happy Birthday Bro! 🥳⚘️

  2. A terrible implementation of an idea that isn't bad at face value. Instead of starting everyone off as unlimited and restricting the amount of reports serial spammers can make to 10 if they submit, say, 3 nuisance clips, everyone is effectively being punished because of some wannabe backseat admins clogging up the report system. The website reporting has been suggested as a crutch for far too long so it was bound to become a problem while in-game reports are routinely ignored as they are. In 24 hours of driving I reported 8 drivers in game whose reports were ignored in game so I submitted on the site. Of those: 6 are now banned, 1 was declined (with the reason "upload a shorter evidence" even though the video link was timestamped and was the same video that led to 6 other bans) 1 is still pending, despite being submitted before all the other reports that were accepted. If these reports had been dealt with in-game then the website system would be much less clogged. Not only that but the punishments are very soft and really aren't deterring people from repeat offending, because they know unless someone records them and submits a site report odds are they'll get away with it.
  3. Any chance of adding more groups? Or allowing new people to join in place of the dropouts?
  4. It's calculating the income drivers have earned since your last fast-travel, and the server's time and date is a few 1000's of days ahead of your local save game. It's going to take AGES to load, but it will only happen once, then it will be fine every other time you take a ferry. Just wait it out.
  5. My G920 has gone the same was as my shifter and stopped working properly. RIP.

    1. Mirko9
    2. Titanic4


      How old is your G920? If it still has warranty valid, you should RMA if possible.

    3. chipmunk197


      and thats why you get a g27 mines lasted 2 years and still going strong even though the numbers on the shifter has rubbed off 

  6. So how long's the backlog on website reports these days? I've got some 4 day old ones still unclaimed, but one of the offenders was banned in-game for a different reason yesterday

    1. Knucklecurve


      I have week old reports still unclaimed but they are getting through it slowly.  I think they are at December 14th reports now.

    2. RedBull108


      Since some people only play to gather as many reports as possible it has to be a ton of them

    3. The Imaginative Lad

      The Imaginative Lad



      I assure you that we will process your reports soon :)

  7. I came here looking for a Metro-type theme, but none of them use the right font (Segoe UI). I also wanted a theme with a transparent player list so I could have it open all the time. So I made my own. It's completely untested and probably looks like ass, but it has the font I like and it's dashcam friendly. It's basically just default, but with purple title bars in places instead of yellow. UI Pack Name: Chromatic Creator: AirBiscuit Font Used: Segoe UI Made For MP Version: Download: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AiJagc2FEmLlifEvTw0hnD4Qyxxt0g
  8. That's why you switch to dipped headlights as soon as you see someone coming.
  9. It's irrelevant because Ireland isn't in ETS2, but in Ireland the left-hand lane is for First exit ONLY, everything else is righthand lane + indicators when appropriate
  10. Suggestion Name: Exponential ban system for the first 3 bans Suggestion Description: The length of time a user is banned for should be multiplied by the amount of previous bans they've had, meaning that repeat offenders get banned for longer with every successive time they're banned, discouraging the offenses more than the current threat of a month ban for the 4th time. Why should it be added?: In the current system, the admin banning the person decides the length of time they'll be banned for, but as long as they've been banned less than 4 times the punishment is minimal, a week at most. The longer they're off the roads for, the less time needs to be wasted punishing them. When I thought of this, I didn't realise the 4th ban was a for a month no matter what, but I still think it would be useful for the first 3.
  11. 2 suggestions: The file sizes would be more human-readable if they were in megabytes rather than bytes It would be nice to have an overall progress bar rather than just the one showing progress of the current file in progress
  12. Thanks Ross and Samiz, I was starting to think it was the fact I built a new computer and forgot to install some drivers but you were right, it took about 3 minutes but it finally loaded. I hadn't played ETS2MP since February.
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