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  1. Congratulations  mate ... what is game mod option?   xD

    1. Mirko9


      Ooo skeki! Hehe, neznam sta da kazem, hvala!

    2. TruckersLife


      Happy Birthday 🎉

  2. look mate its a problem and its not solved from the start ..ill say from first day of MP... so i first will not lower my graphic just for entering citys ...etc....they did not try this....when they try then you can say this doesent work its was a bad idea ..... have nice day!
  3. I think that would solve the problem with this simple move, and I think for the administrators it very job easy to do...
  4. I agree with you, but they should try it..like i wrote.... people are not so wild when entering or leaving the city so i wrote "all city the tree one should be in NCZ" ...still ....people driving behind each other right so i dont see the problem with NCZ border...
  5. You did not understand the point I will not bother with the answers you went too far....and from so simple suggestions you have made a drama.
  6. Well good luck...happy trucking
  7. Up in the right corner is red info about non colision zone
  8. I repeat you are not go to the city or out of the city stuck in the someones trailer......you probably would not even noticed that you have entered in the NCZ..... but it would help IN the city because there is a lot of players
  9. Mate i have a RL job as truck driver...... and i play this game when i have time... so now i have 1300000km so when i say theres a problem i think it is ...Yes I am aware of these limits /points where starts NCZ....why not some ghost mod or something .... And when NCZ stops you're not going to be in someones trailer while you go out of town..
  10. Well that's your opinion...I have mentioned only three cities....And yes we all have i7... with milions gigs of ram and trilion gigs of ram graphic cards! And problem is here from the beginning of MP as far as I know, maybe NCZ its not a big problem but it's....
  11. You have whole realistic map at disposal
  12. I saw this on my PC to believe me i think is not that fun to drive with 5FPS then ram at someone and get baned fo no reason....
  13. Hi all.. Suggestion Name: Much larger zone collision Suggestion Description : Associated with collision zone..... it is very easy for mod developer i hope I think you should increase the circle of collision zone in critical cities "at least for server EU2", let's say the whole city, but only those critical like Amsterdam,Rotterdam,Calais etc.. Why should it be added: People with weaker computers have one second to five seconds lags....but I think that everyone knows... I think it would help ...little at least. Any example images:Nop
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