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  1. Multiplayer Balkan
  2. "Transporti Runko" it's company in real life. Don't get us wrong, though, we don't just do convoys and Runko photos, we also have small company events, photo shoots, and many more while maintaining a successful company! It does not matter how much money, XP, or what level you have, or if you're just starting out! You can join! We would like our fleet to consist of Scania's. If you are very low on money and cannot afford a new vehicle at the moment, then feel free to use anything for now. If you bring in more money and drive more than any of the other drivers, you will be rewarded with more money per delivery, and receive a "Driver of the half year!" award! Hi, I'm TITO! A while back, me and a friend decided to create a VTC, but did not intend for it to get this far! It is such a pleasure to have so many people (over 50!) working for us and we intend to make our company better by the week! We are open to any suggestions anyone has to make our company more appealing, and more fun! Our company is international, meaning we have employees from all over the world! Including, Balkan, Canada, USA, UK, Sweden, Russia, Germany, and so much more! Once again, we are proud to be a company you can rely on and hope to employ over 100 happy employees! Thank you! *Website: ets2.mpBalkan.com *TeamSpeakOfficial: ts3.balkangamer.com *Drivers: We need people to drive all around Europe and the BALKAN! UNLIMITED SLOTS AVAILABLE *Dispatcher: Will see *Driving instructor: Help new drivers to ETS2 learn the rules of the road, what to do in certain situations, and extra tips! (We prefer you have over 10 hours of in -game play, and know 95% of the rules of the road in ETS2 MP and delivering cargo) We would also like to know: How old are you? *Do you have your own truck? What kind? *Do you have ETS2 MP? Do you have steam? (Please include name if possible) *Can you do at least 10 deliveries/month? Additional/helpful information? *What role do you want to play in this company? *Can you speak some language from Balkan or English *A few rules* 1. In game - your name/nickname [Transporti Runko] !!! MUST HAVE!!! 2. You need to change your TS3 name, same as Steam name. !!! MUST HAVE!!! 3. You can drive ONLY SCANIA, you can change only paintjob and tuning. !!! MUST HAVE!!! 4. We only accept minimum 500 km jobs. !!! MUST HAVE !!! 5. When you are making screenshot for myvtc your truck must be visible or we are gonna delete your job without explanation. !!! MUST HAVE !!! 6. Every month we are gonna make few convoys, all info you can find at myvtc. Sometimes we are organise convoy at TS3. You NEED to drive at least 1 or 2 convoys per month. !!! MUST HAVE!!! 7. New season starts 1.7.2015. and ends 1.2.2016. Of course, this applies only to those who adhere to the rules! 8. Fuel Consumption and Revenue should be entered without dots and commas. !!! BE CAREFUL !!! 9. Truck must be a minimum of Scania R420. 10. If you get kicked from company you cant join until next season! 11. Follow traffic rules, dont drive like idiot. !!! THIS IS FOR KIDS!!! 12. You should respect rules and other drivers, because you can get some reward, so you should be online. 13. Our TeamSpeak3 IP : balkan.ts3pro.com Please take your job seriously while having fun at the same time!||| Interested? Apply now! http://myvtc.net/r/35791 ||| We Have 48 Employees! Yea ​​DONATE US!​​ WebSite We hope to have you on our team and enjoy wonderful convoys with us! See you soon!
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