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  1. This make me laugh, no point to vote this is already a win for the troll and people who will abuse it, Option: fixnocooldown - No cooldown. 250+ vote hahaha
  2. How do i report some1 if i don't have his ID but i got a video?

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    2. sk8chalif


      Nvm, i got it, thanks

      i will post video in a min


    3. sk8chalif


      i got his ID but when i place it on the report. it's  NOT valide.. ;( ID was not found )

    4. sk8chalif
  3. Getting lot of black screen once i close the page where you choose a trailer,

  4. Ya, So i reinstalled the game completely in the same path and now it working, i can launch the Multiplayer, i dunno why i had the error tho, i did not change anything since the release of the game and i played 2 month straight online. well i guess it's solved, thanks guys for trying to help.
  5. Yes everything is installed in the right path, the game was working perfectly before yesteday, the last thing i can do right now is Reinstall my game . i will come back in 5 min or so if it work.
  6. Hello fellow Trucker, I did not play ATS for a while and i wanted to play today. ,So at first i had some updates to do since my Launcher was outdated i went on the website and downloaded the last version that is has the picture show here and my game is also v and installed ATS Multiplayer but then i got some error, I looked around on the forums and found out some solution but nothing worked. So this is what happened to me So i looked around and found a post about how to downgrading so i try but still does not work I am using None-Opt out of all beta programs, and never try the beta either, but what i do not understand is my game version is the one i need, i try every version and i still get the first (Fatal Error), I uninstall Multiplayer Mod and re-download/re-install Multiplayer Mod again and i even deleted the Multiplayer directory to reinstall all fresh, still does not work. This is what i did basically Need some help please
  7. the other thing is each time i login i spawn back at my garage mile away from were i was before really annoying
  8. Alright thanks you, I downloaded a Beginner profiles lvl 5 , that helped lol
  9. i understand the time between mp and sp, But i took a job in paris run to dijon and never stopped and got late 22200 hours late... and once i get to my delivery i can't F7 because i own no truck so i cannot drive anywhere, so i have to choose a quick job choose a truck and then i spawn directly at the location of my trailer,but the problem is each time i make my first delivery with my first trailer there no job after that and either if i return in singleplayer there is no job , my only solution right now is to delete my profiles and start again to actually have jobs and play.
  10. Hi guys,i had to format and lost my euro profiles doing that so now i started over with new profiles. I am lvl 1 the problem is when i choose a job and do the delivery i always end up 22200 hours late and above.... so i make no cash at all and on top of that when i try to choose another job there is none showing. i got 10 city discovered on that profiles and no job, Since i own no truck i cannot drive in the game to go look around, i had experience new profiles before and this never happened, any reason ? even if i go back in single player i have no job either.
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