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  1. hope you all are doing well. It's been a year now since I played ETS2. Been very busy with my studies and moving and just got back on TruckersMP website today.

  2. Just saying thanks to the team at Truckers MP for the awesome mod. Enjoyed it so much and don't regret signing up one bit. I will miss playing and I will still be around the forums and happy truckin'.

    1. Digital


      Oi Oi Oi!


      Glad you could join the community! :)

    2. Aussie Aussie Aussie [EN]
  3. hope everyone is going well :)

  4. I just finished changing my name and profile pictures officially.

    1. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      Very Nice Name mate :) 

    2. Aussie Aussie Aussie [EN]

      Aussie Aussie Aussie [EN]

      Thanks guys, much appreciated :)

  5. Hi. I thought I'd post this to explain to people what to do if you being kicked or lost connection to the game. In case you have -: being kicked lost connection to the game kicked for having a high ping Slow down and pull over to the side of the road or somewhere it will be safe and won't cause a collision once you re enter the game Quit the game and re-open it Log back in and rejoin the game Once you are back in the game, WAIT until you have fully loaded and can see other players If your parked on the side of the road, indic
  6. took me a couple weeks but finally finish exploring the map (99.98%)


    1. Cyrusj


      Nice! I have restarted my profiles so many times that now i don't bother with exploring the map..


      I think I'm only at 25% on my newest one.

    2. Aussie Aussie Aussie [EN]

      Aussie Aussie Aussie [EN]

      Yeah, I had camera issues at one time so I needed to uninstall and reinstall ETS2 and reload a profile I had and I just decided to try and complete the rest myself

  7. I'm just going to post links in one post for those who are having lag problems so you don't have look through the whole post. You can report a bug here or Submit a ticket
  8. hey everyone, hope you are going good... happy trucking

    1. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      Hey Mate , Yea i am not to bad thanks , how are you doing  ;)

    2. Aussie Aussie Aussie [EN]
    3. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      Great to hear that mate  :D 

  9. Just dropping a status update to say hello

  10. Problem Solved, thanks guys for your help. I uninstalled the game and manually delete the Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder under Documents and reinstalled and able to use the "0" camera again.
  11. Nothing worked I even tried going to a dealer but it froze than when I restarted the game i tried doing the quick travel to a garage but still goes out of the map. I am going to try uninstalling and reinstalling the game and see if that works.
  12. Yes i can do that but i just shows what's in the second picture
  13. Thats a great idea. It'll also help others have their say with the same person spamming it
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