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  1. CBC Radio Canada! 6am, cup of coffee and a fully loaded truck listening to my favorites talk radio with news, sports and general interest stories. Awesome..:)
  2. Rhime


    Sorry, Your idea just doesn't fit here for this sim.
  3. Flat tires and tire blow outs...
  4. Rhime


    A big NO. This isn't a racing game. Go play a racing game-The Crew(1-2), Test Drive Unlimited or Forza 4 Horizons.
  5. Thanks David(and everyone else..)..did a reinstall and everything seems to be running as usual.
  6. I don't get it..I have an MP level over 70+ and tons of hrs put in on the MP servers and this has never happened...I was already running as admin and as far as I know, the install path is correct. So far, nothing has changed as I still can't play and I'm leaning towards the Win 10 update as the issue.
  7. Just updated TruckersMP launcher with the latest update and now I get an error message like this... TruckersMP-Error Can not create game process What the hell just happened here? If it's worth it, I just updated Windows 10 yesterday with their huge update. Any help is appreciated...thanks!
  8. EU 2 because I prefer to see other drivers even if they suck at driving or are parasitic car *****.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6aCFvz-n_0 Can we get this ingame? Lol!
  10. Having to run a separate video recording program is lame. I just want to play, but the parasite car drivers and general shitty driving I have seen make it near impossible to enjoy the game of late. My ingame reporting of drivers blatantly ramming me in the wrong direction (just one example of bad driving) have come up with no actions taken. Until the MP team includes a video recording program included within the sim I don't see how all the real sim drivers with ever be rid of the terrible drivers who are ruining the MP experience.
  11. Just to clarify, I was hauling a regular trailer on both occasions.
  12. I have been caught at two tolls booths recently with the toll arm coming down across the back of my trailer effectively trapping me. I don't waste anytime with the throttle when the arm goes up, but lately with the heavy loads, I obviously don't whip out of there. The only way to escape is to call the tow truck which costs...any thoughts on why this happens?
  13. Tire blow outs, random transmission failures (especially if you constantly miss shifts) and engine/turbo failures with constant over revving. The truck would pull to one side on tire failures.
  14. Oh good, a place for all the crappy, idiot "drivers" to go fulfill their fantasies about freeroaming on a server. Please go there and stay there and let the proper sim truck drivers play out their fantasies!:)
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