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    Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer! American Truck Simulator Multiplayer! Rocket league! Ark survival of the fittest!
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  1. Veteran Driver III Hype. :D 

  2. When do bans disappear from your TruckersMP profile?

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    2. Marc21Feb


      Ohhh alright cheers. :) One of those yellows are not issued right either though lol. But can't appeal I guess.

    3. Anriandor


      You cannot appeal that ban anymore, that's correct. However, if you think that bans were issued unfairly, you can always contact feedback to ask the upper staff if they can have a look at it again. Further information can be found here:


    4. Marc21Feb


      Thanks for your help. :)

  3. Sooo many players on ETS2 right now, it is insane! image.thumb.png.8142c49fd46649c28d1f23fb1100f4e4.png



    1. Cbrady40 [G29]

      Cbrady40 [G29]

      Lol I remember back in May when Heavy Haul Cargo DLC came out on the Sunday they ALMOST hit 13,000 cocurrent players.

  4. Good day, Do we get a wintermod aigan this year like last years? So yes when? So no, why not ? I was asking this myself but couldn't find an answer anywhere. Thanks in advance. Greetings,
  5. 600000 KM on my DAF 106. :) NLYFJwL.jpg

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    2. Marc21Feb


      I don't know how long you play on that profile, but I think this one is somewhere near day 1. :D Not sure though. 

    3. marco6158


      I've got quite a lot of hours in that profile but I surely have one or two profiles before that one.

    4. Marc21Feb


      That profile is 737 hours. I played the game for 1564 hours in total. :D  Also got about 150k km on world of trucks. Are you doing them jobs aswell? 6v0qNgM.png


  6. World of Trucks down for about 2 hours now for "maintance"..... FeelsBadMan

  7. What is your TMP ID? I feel like mine is really low lol. I got TMP ID: 638.... And no that isn't my ingame ID. :P 

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    2. [VIVA] ismail [TR]

      [VIVA] ismail [TR]

      I'm registered this website, 15 Nov 2014 07:38 since 4 years! :D 

      ID: 9806

    3. Marc21Feb
  8. Good night fellow truckers... ;) WqOFq67.jpg

  9. Going to try plays.tv for recording. Do you use this aswell? And what are your opinions about it? :) 

    1. User_1347132


       I use it a lot , i have 400+ videos , its really easy .


    2. Marc21Feb




      Lol that vid.


  10. What's on your mind?


  11. Admin pls... BabyRage vLCcm6N.jpg

    1. Marc21Feb


      Can only do 10 reports. ;)


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