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    The Netherlands
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    Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer! American Truck Simulator Multiplayer! Rocket league! Ark survival of the fittest!
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    Nevada: Las Vegas
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    The Netherlands: Groningen
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    Dutch, English, German, Frisian(Dutch)

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  1. Happy Birthday Marc21Feb. :HaulieLove:

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy birthday ?????

  4. Veteran Driver III Hype. :D 

  5. When do bans disappear from your TruckersMP profile?

  6. Sooo many players on ETS2 right now, it is insane! image.thumb.png.8142c49fd46649c28d1f23fb1100f4e4.png



    1. Cbrady40 [G29]

      Cbrady40 [G29]

      Lol I remember back in May when Heavy Haul Cargo DLC came out on the Sunday they ALMOST hit 13,000 cocurrent players.

  7. Good day, Do we get a wintermod aigan this year like last years? So yes when? So no, why not ? I was asking this myself but couldn't find an answer anywhere. Thanks in advance. Greetings,
  8. 600000 KM on my DAF 106. :) NLYFJwL.jpg

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    2. Marc21Feb


      I don't know how long you play on that profile, but I think this one is somewhere near day 1. :D Not sure though. 

    3. marco6158


      I've got quite a lot of hours in that profile but I surely have one or two profiles before that one.

    4. Marc21Feb


      That profile is 737 hours. I played the game for 1564 hours in total. :D  Also got about 150k km on world of trucks. Are you doing them jobs aswell? 6v0qNgM.png


  9. World of Trucks down for about 2 hours now for "maintance"..... FeelsBadMan

  10. What is your TMP ID? I feel like mine is really low lol. I got TMP ID: 638.... And no that isn't my ingame ID. :P 

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    2. User_9806


      I'm registered this website, 15 Nov 2014 07:38 since 4 years! :D 

      ID: 9806

    3. Marc21Feb
  11. Good night fellow truckers... ;) WqOFq67.jpg

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