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  1. This is a bug report, not a suggestion.
  2. How long for answer? This can be up to a few days Administrators choose ban lengths
  3. Appeal here http://truckersmp.com//appeals
  4. We do not support 32-bit systems anymore.
  5. Please write a ban appeal at www.truckersmp.com/appeals
  6. It has been decided that this is not possible.
  7. We are not game developers, TruckersMP is the mod for multiplayer only.
  8. If your ticket is still open let the supporter know the information they have told you has not worked. Moved to Support Help
  9. Ensure you are downloading from our website. Try using Windows ZIP to unzip it. PS, I am exited for Fernbus too
  10. The applications are currently closed and open when new staff are required, check back later!
  11. mQgjvj6.jpg

    We must take her down...

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      Contains honey, also allergic.

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      Also locked cause you went off topic.

  12. You can check spawn logs in Documents > ETS2MP > Logs
  13. You have to earn it as said, you need to be a team member and then get recognised for your hard work which takes time. It's all about building trust.
  14. Tylko Administracja może by Policja. Jeśli chcesz zostać IGA przeczytaj :
  15. We are currently discussing how we will deal with this internally. In the meantime here's a picture of it
  16. I'm media team - No prizes available - let's show my photo
  17. Unless broadcasts are saved as a highlight they expire after a certain length of time. We need evidence to last as long as it can.
  18. EU2 is currently at high load so you have been placed in virtual queue for slot space
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