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  1. Nah i pressed it once then for some reason the server died and i went back the main page and it had 3 for some reason.
  2. Anyone know why my game crashes when i install SP mods? that are compatible?

  3. Yeah i posted it in the wrong section by accident.
  4. When you press the submit button on the post it decides to make 3 new topics. Also when you reply to on it add's another thread for some reason. Topic Title: Triple posting issue TruckersMP ID: Non needed as it all members URL: https://forum.truckersmp.com Server Time / Date: 14:57pm GMT How to reproduce: / Browser: Chrome Screenshots : See above
  5. how can i control a truck better with a keyboard than those with a steering wheel etc?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Kat_pw


      Because they have these steering wheels...


    3. Azzid


      HAHA omg i bet they do.

  6. When people don't understand how hard it is to be a admin for a site let alone a game, it can take up to a day as discussion with other team members if they should get a ban or not. Yes I may be new but I'm a site owner. So when appealing don't be harsh and give them a tough time! 

    1. Beefy32659_YT
    2. Forraz


      I've been moderator / admin / owner on different servers / games and even made servers for different games and I can agree on that it's not super easy or that you have unlimited time to do these things. Moderating servers / keeping check on all players / doing real life stuff aswell is always big tasks.

  7. Thx for the follow!

    1. Azzid


      No problem 

  8. just got pro mods v2.11. is it any good?

    1. Forraz


      Pro mods adds much more to the game but sadly it doesn't work with MP :) 

    2. Azzid


      Right, sad times but is it worth the 1$ (rofl)

    3. Azzid


      Aha okay buddy thanks :)

  9. Forever wishing I had the ets2 Dlc 

  10. Let's get this road trip started 

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