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  1. https://youtu.be/Kea9GJ1q-R0 "useless report" 

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    2. Galeavia


      Jesus... That seems intentional to me. I may be biased against players from my homeland. But whenever I see a player from Turkey, I am extremely cautious. When you want to pass them you damage their large EGO and they usually do things like this. 

      I am from Turkey so this is not racist :D 

    3. [TPH] SP Gaming

      [TPH] SP Gaming

      Yeah. I think it's not so useles :D . 

      He intentionaly block you.

    4. Loghaire


      If I would be on your place I would use my brakes, so that the ramming doesn't happen and I would keep driving and see what happens.

      Obviously if I go for another overtake and he does the same thing again, there you go :)
      You have more useful report now :)

  2. Does this apply for the high power cargo pack paint/trailers and cabin accessories dlcs too?
  3. ^ I'm playing with a wheel and pedals, I have found this problem on SP too so I'm not sure what's going on. Only mods I have are the '625hp engine for all trucks' mod (but this glitch happens with all trucks) and sweetfx (irrelevant). I only found this problem in the recent update of ATS and the (glitch?) is quite easy to reproduce; simply let your truck roll a little bit down a hill and press the throttle, if the engine stalls, restart the engine. Can anyone try to see if they have the same problem and PM me? Here is a video of how to reproduce the glitch:
  4. Go to EU 2 and disable the truck limiter in your options and also external contract jobs have a speed limit of 105kmh in ATS i think
  5. Sometimes when I put truck in drive it reverses instead and vice versa, and I'm not talking about the truck rolling down an elevated surface; the throttle actually goes in reverse instead of drive and drive instead of reverse sometimes. I will post a video when it happens again. edit: video- Look at the gear on the route navigator. Says D but reverses
  6. Seasons

    FPS Lag

    I went from 60 fps in Paris to single digit fps but no lag out of cities fix: remove flags from truck
  7. https://gyazo.com/40d2fec8b5affd7d35033bb6e138d6d9 I'm getting this black screen whenever taking a job or repairing my vehicle and have to force quit. Anyone having this problem? delete my double post pls
  8. Players cant use any police sirens or skins or the blue lights so remove them
  9. The World of Trucks job market on external contracts is empty
  10. So sometimes I get money from the SP company and sometimes I get tired but sometimes i don't receive money from the SP company or get tired. So does it work or not so I don't have to buy new trucks for my SP company. Thanks
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