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  1. there are so many channels on the radio that dont works anymore, someone know how to fix this?
  2. reconnect by client? where to do that? I thing i have doing this before, but i dont remember. its so many years ago
  3. My truck are onely driving in max 90 km/h, how to remove this limit? And i often get kicked because i am afk or something, how to reconnect?
  4. Becuase, if you guys look at the speedmeter on dashboard. There you can see than on ATS the speedmeter is up to 80. But in ETS the speed is 120, men i have many times drived it up til 165...
  5. Do everyone trucks have a speed limit on 80-90? That really boring.
  6. How do i get winter mode? and wil i come traffic soon? Then i meen the same traffic we have in single player
  7. Hi I have some problem to find verson The program is asking me about i nee help to get this verson, and i klick yes, but nothing happens.
  8. Oki, so i cant get en money out of those cars? If not i have no reason to have one
  9. When i have been i the game i have seen pilots cars many times. What i those cars for? Is it just for fun or is it eny function for it? Can i own money with those cars?
  10. i have been banned for som days now, and my status says " Expires : Today, 19:59 ". Now in this moment in Norwegian clock is 20:15 and i am still banned. Why?
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