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  1. Hello. Firstly a big thank you to the developers for their work in getting 1.38 MP released. A point about the horns: I appreciate FMOD appears to offer linitations seemingly in the number of sound channels available, but a lack of horn has resulted in an inability to thank & warn ppl on a regular basis. Is there any way to raise the priority of the local horn channel, even if more than 4 ppl in the vicinity? Other than that very good job (existing mini-bugs notwithstanding of which I'm sure progress is due to be made).
  2. @TheCanadianTruckerNo, that'll never catch on. Imagine playing a game on the PC to do with driving trucks lol! Wait, where did the last 7 years go...
  3. Not sure what models you can get with that for such a low budget - it may be worth saving a little longer & doubling that so you are more within reach of something like a Logitech G920. Do not waste your money on something cheap - you need reliability & high accuracy for ETS. You also need one with 900 degrees rotation for a 1:1 relationship with what's on-screen. Very much a case of get what you pay for - my G27 is currently still working after 6 years.
  4. @xiaobaiwl Then slow down even more. If you need to take a corner at 10km/h you have to take it at 10km/h. The slower you go the longer the time you play the game :).
  5. Just buy all of them & support your favourite developer.
  6. I don't drive fast enough to ever allow this sort of thing to happen.
  7. I don't think, it gets me in too much trouble.
  8. Tbh I do it for the challenge of trying to get from one side to the other without incident. Some of the time it works!
  9. @Ginger74 Lmao that's awesome ty . I was in a right arsey mood yesterday as someone's lost a package at work... To answer your q: who knows. I guess down the licencing. I would suspect more likely with the Range T as the licence release finally happened. In terms of Iveco, if the S-Way gets the green light hopefully there will be something to dress that u too. Have a lovely weekend.
  10. I've had a bad afternoon. So I need a virtual punchbag. I'll be alright on Monday.
  11. The waypoint distance/time addition I expect to find particularily useful. Also the bugs with auto trans behaviour I am hoping will be fixed as I encounter them regularily.
  12. DavinaTheWeena

    DAF XF 105

    I try not to think.
  13. Awesone & effective realism enhancement. A very welcome change.
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