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  1. When will the TMP server be up again plz? I need to get the trailer livery & gt over there before 18:00UT.
  2. There was a real party atmosphere last night. It really is very well done. I can see an immense amount of passion, hard work & attention to detail has gone into the Silverstone creation. Very well done to the tream & happy anniversary - I hope to be there for the convoy.
  3. having to redownload the update due to being kicked & msgs saying silverstone.mp corrupt

  4. This the wrong game for that. Sounds more like what GTA is for.
  5. & what does "meka" mean? That is not an English word.
  6. Well you got 1.40 support ready just in time. I'll try & make th events if I can.
  7. It's immediately immersive with a unique atmosphere. Only been to Tarragona so far but there is a distinct sense of wanting to explore in real life I haven't felt in years. The tolls take some getting used to as the autopasses are further to the right. The odd frame glitch which I'm sure will be ironed out in time, unless it's my what-is-now-almost-a-doorstop of a PC. Wonderful job by the SCS team.
  8. Why are there 4 threads about this one subject? Can the admins clean this up or merge pls.
  9. Don't think I'm going to be bothering with this this year. It just seems like a doss-about. Plus I'm now fully 1.40'd-up & doubt MP will be likewise prior to Sunday.
  10. Areas where you can park all your trailers & have to manually move them about, not magic them in & out of existence. If you have the trailer you want in Dortmund, & you are in Salzburg, you have to go & get it. I'm sure there is reall estate to support this.
  11. I agree on changes to speed limits. The 60 in town has always seemed weird to me - it shoudl be 50. This 110 is baulderdash - the overall limit should be 90.
  12. The BEST truck is actually a Euro 5 MAN TGX680 6x2 taglift with Allison. See you in 35000km.
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