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  1. Anything that doesn't have the stupid 1.37 horn. Oh wait they all do. So I don't like any of them.
  2. Every time someone asks how long it's going to be, it's going to be twice as long. So if it's a week, if 6 people ask, it's going to be another 7+ months.
  3. Reading the title of the thread, 130kmph times 110kmph...is 14.3 billion mph, or 21 times the speed of light. Do you lot drive that fast?
  4. I tbh keep them on. Never had a complaint yet.
  5. Be prepared for them to invest in an AI server or cloud solution in order to even come anywhere remotely near implementing such a system. I would suspect there would need to be a 10-sec delay in CB transmissions as well. In fact maybe that's an idea. Keep someone busy...
  6. I can't connect - keep getting kicked for hi ping

  7. connection dropping?

    1. dragonslayingmaster1000


      I'm getting kicked on the event server.

  8. Depends on who is on inside versus outside of curves. Also 90 has a floating point part, so someone may be doing 90.1, another person 90.4. Weight of load will also be a factor.
  9. I thought the limit in cities was 50 anyway, according to the signs... So what's all this 60 rubbish?
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