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  1. If the order have something to do, i will fix that, and i have all 7 files. But i have alot of other mods in that folder for my sp, do i need to copy them and paste then in a folder, so my MOD folder is empty with just promods?
  2. Hey i just downloaded MP again, and i played prromods 2.50 but in MP it says i need the files? I don`t get it
  3. why is it a restricted area in germany on ets2mp, when doubles are allowed in 1.35?

    1. ян Powerful

      ян Powerful

      It´s a Bug " We have noticed that there have been some issues with the double trailer restriction zone since TMP was updated to support 1.35. We want to confirm that we do have plans to remove the restriction zone as soon as possible however we do not have an ETA of when this will happen. "

    2. TeamSquad TM //Yt
  4. I realize that server is broken, and i get online, then diconnected than online multiply times, and suddenly it start to snow, just wondering what the hack is going on lol
  5. Just me or the game totally crashes when i sleep and when i take f7? 

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    2. TeamSquad TM //Yt

      TeamSquad TM //Yt

      Okay. thanks! 


    3. Yoyo_ManSg


      Hello to try to solve your problem, you only have to wait. This can take you about 15 minutes. But especially when your game freeze, does nothing more, do not touch your computer anymore and be patient.  

      I advise you to try this solution. ;) 




    4. TeamSquad TM //Yt

      TeamSquad TM //Yt

      Okay im on my other computer, i have waiting for like 5 mins now. 



      there we go!


  6. Does anyone else have that "fatal Error" crash thingi?

    1. chipmunk197


      loads of people and its the update they are pushing out doing it 

    2. Samiz [FIN]

      Samiz [FIN]

      0 fatal crashes on this week :P 

    3. TeamSquad TM //Yt
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