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  1. Sure, you would have to think about how you are driving a bit more. Me, i drive 500km a day in a Volkswagen Crafter for a living. So to me things like taking back some speed when overtaking is basic stuff. The same goes for basic ethical rules while driving. Give way, slow down in the rain, slowing down in roadworks etc. I will only push the pedal to the metal when it is safe. But I know most won't be able to. Of course you are right. The assumption backed up by data from reallife that when speed increases accidents increase too is correct. However how this will play out in the gam
  2. Hi. Just joined the game. Love driving the virtual trucks in mp, love the scout car. I drove from Amsterdam to Berlin lately with the scout car. I can see why 110km/h is the max. As a professional driver i would be fine with 130 as a max, but i can understand why the admins are capping the speed. There would be lots of accidents. I am going to be a driver for a convoi this weekend, with my small scout car securing transport. I would love to see a few small cars in the game. Why not? This is a great driving sim, more traffic adds more realism. After a long night i closed with a dri
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