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  2. Wow, seen a ton of emails because of this thread... I'm sure it had died off ages ago lol. Anyway, here's what I'm listening to:
  3. @Egg-Roll Yeah, saved using format 3 so I've got both versions (2 didn't seem to change it), managed to decrypt it using a tool provided on the ETS2 modding forms. It's just the structure/layout etc... It had me lost. I figured somethings out, but there dosent seem to be a way to differentiate between Quick Jobs and Fright Market ones. I'm far too busy with uni work right now, so I can't spend much time trying to figure it all out yet either.
  4. Love how powerful this girl's voice is. Simply amazing
  5. Just been looking through game.sii and I'm feeling hopeless right now lol.
  6. ^ Well, corporations are greedy at times. Either way, they got something up their sleeve lol. I'd say that was a relatively good move with .Net, makes it easier to build for both systems IMO ah although that can be subjective, I guess it depends on your languages and experience
  7. ^ I get a little suspicious of MS at times... They're up to something. Like have you see what they're doing with Windows Store? Making games exclusive to them. There's got to be something going on with them, .Net and Linux. I have no idea what though.
  8. @Egg-Roll Awesome, thanks and I'll have a little read on that thread EDIT: Had a brief read, and it looks very interesting. I've said to my friends about wanting to see (even just a small bit) of AI traffic in MP, so you're right about players wanting it aha. And that pun about AI drivers was great lol. Anyway, as I say below, I need to get back to Java! So I'll read some more later. I didn't know .Net was brought to Linux, but I guess that's MS trying to jump on the open source bandwagon... I guess the application the user installs could decrypt the save, right? I'm not sure, I haven't done any research into it yet, or even typed a line in C++ lol, it's just ideas at the moment. And I'm far too busy with my Android project at the moment to even think about learning another langue and write a program lol. But I probably will try something. I'll have a look at their source, since like you said, it shouldn't take much to fix. And then I might try writing it in C++, just because I already know what I want it to do and the logical steps to take, but it will help me start my journey in C++
  9. @T3k That's very good! I like those ideas. Me and my friends do try to immerse ourselves sometimes, i.e. we'll joke about the astonishing prices for a packet of crisps (or potato chips for Americans) when we fuel up If OP has that type of humour, it's quite funny at times.
  10. @Egg-Roll Oh, I'll definitely keep an eye on the usage. I've had a thought of trying to make a new job sync for ATS since apparently the old one is no longer working and the devs aren't active on the project anymore. Another guy complained about needing to have .Net which makes me assume it was written in C#. So I'm tempted to have a crack at it in C++ as maybe my first proper project in the langue. Maybe I could use AWS for the central point. At first, I'd have a small group of say 6-10 people to try it and see if it works, but also get an idea of how fast it uses the quota. By then I'll probably see how much interest there is for the job sync and calculate if it will go over the quota each month.
  11. @Egg-Roll I just found that Amazon offers a 12 month trial on most of their AWS services. Bandwidth is limited in most cases, so you can't go wild but there's room for testing etc...
  12. Not sure if any of you have heard some of the uploads from MrSuicideSheep? Personally, I think the older songs are better like Vanic X Zella Day - Hypnotic or one of my favorites Faux Tales - Dystopia. Anyway, here's a Spotify playlist if you want to check out a few of the songs. There's quite a variety of genres (largely electronic, though) so don't quit on the first song you hear
  13. Well, I've spoken with him, and it appears I'm not knowledgeable enough in the right areas. So I'm going to improve I'm still going to stick around the forums though, so I'll see you guys around! I guess this thread is no longer needed, so a mod can lock & throw away the key Thanks all of you for the help!
  14. ^ That would be quite amusing. Hell, Steam has built-in chat too, that's what I use with my friends
  15. ^ That's only a temp fix really unless you get a loan and buy a truck right away. BTW did you try using Ctrl + F to search for these lines? In all my experiences, the game has written these lines to the config every time it's been made.
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