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  1. Keep up the great folding, team! Potato or not, every CPU cycle helps P.S there's an option to let it fold only when the machine is idle, then it won't degrade your games performance
  2. You don't need a super computer to start Folding. Every little helps! I've been folding with the LTT team since they annouced their goal to beat the PCMR team. Looks like they've achived that now, so I'll come join the TMP team
  3. <_<

    1. PairedPrototype


      Are you my evil twin!? :troll:

    2. Prototype


      At least don't copy my avatar :)

  4. ^ That's only a temp fix really unless you get a loan and buy a truck right away. BTW did you try using Ctrl + F to search for these lines? In all my experiences, the game has written these lines to the config every time it's been made.
  5. To be honest, I can't see them adding this, even if they did, it likely wouldn't be top of the list either. So far you're the first person I know that uses the mouse buttons for the indicators. There'd also be complications implementing such things as sometimes people are still driving when reporting a player, if the keys were to be disabled when you press tab, you'd no longer be able to control the truck.
  6. @Galvorn You can go into the settings from the Tab menu and turn the volume down there. As of current, I believe a mute button doesn't exist.
  7. @ace1564 Has reverting back to 362.00 helped at all? And I'm quite confident you won't get banned for something petty like that. IMO it's an understandable situation, you both had a bit of rage, but quickly got over it.
  8. Hallo, ich spreche kein Deutsch, also musste ich übersetzen diese mit Google so tut es mir leid, wenn es nicht sehr gut lesbar ist. Mit einem Problem wie dieses, kann ich nur vorschlagen, ein Support-Ticket hier öffnen. Bestes Glück!
  9. I can't particularly remember the activation process myself, but I remember pressing the check button and waiting about 5 minutes and it disappeared. I think maybe the activate button might not be there if it's already detected your hours of play time. Have you actually tried launching the MP yet?
  10. A quick Google suggests this is an error to do with 32bit/64bit issues and as noted here, 32Bit support is discontinued therefore MP is now 64Bit only. Since (as far as I'm aware) the launcher no longer gives the option to pick between 32/64bit, so I'm not sure what the issue maybe. But given that you've downloaded the .dll's, I can only suggest trying to register them using regsvr32 in command prompt. If you need a little more information on how, take a look at this thread.
  11. There has recently been an epidemic of bad Nvidia drivers, as evident on this Reddit thread, specifically with version 364.47 and the beta version 364.51. If you installed either of these or if you don't know but updated within the last 2-3 days. I'd suggest running DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) which removes all traces of display drivers and then do a clean install of version 362.00 which can be obtained here. Hope that helps!
  12. Have you tried the "verify integrity of game cache" option in the game's properties on Steam yet? There could be a bad file preventing it from loading properly.
  13. In what respects? Add player tag to display company name You can add your company in front of your name by: Pressing TAB Right click RMB Normal click LMB on the cog in the nearby players window And in the player tag box, you can enter your company name there. You can use the colour on the right of the box to change what colour the tag is displayed in. You won't be able to see the change yourself, but others will. Create a VTC You can create a Virtual Trucking Company at myvtc.net. Hope that helps
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