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  1. Hi just found the fix for this problem i was having. I stream using two monitors, i asked a technician at a local store what this problem can be and he suggested to turn V-Sync off. Well needless to say i turned off V-sync and it worked, for me that is. So if anyone else has this problem try turning off V-Sync in your video control panel of the game. Thanks for all the replies see you all on the road..
  2. HI no it didnt help, it now happening in whatever game i play, its strange because this only just started after the nvidia update.. Im back at 362.00 version and waiting to see if SCS will have any answers for me. So for now i will just play single player so i wont ruin anyone else playtime.
  3. Thanks I have sent a support ticket to them and now waiting for reply Thanks.. Thought someone else here may have had the problem too and knew of a solution.. Thanks for the reply and info I followed your advise and im now back to previous version 362.00 Yesterday my game downsized while driving a another driver was so mad because he crashed into me, there was nothing i could do of course as i too was upset he said " I just reported you " lol reported me for what? this only got me pissed too so i blurted out " your mom " lol not a nice thing to say and im sorry for that indeed not my style. So if the driver who crashed into me reads this I apologize for my out bust
  4. Hello Today i updated my Nvidia Driver and when i went to play my game just downsized by itself while i was driving. This just started today didnt know if this was becuase of the new drives i installed but i re-installed the old one and it still give me this problem. Do anyone have or know of what causes this and how i can fix this.?
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