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  1. I think we should get a new police texture, however I think there should be a public competition. I don't find this texture to be incredibly impressive, I'm afraid.
  2. Well, that was an easy fix! Thank you @ThatCrazyPillow, it worked perfectly!
  3. I've just changed my username in the account settings tab on the truckersmp website to "Lieng", however my forum display name has yet to change. My question is if it will update automatically, and if it wont, what can I do to change it?
  4. Do not use any blue lights, including the leds in the front grill. Pilot skin and bar is allowed.
  5. There is one, Convoy Security Group
  6. dyvik

    Alt + Tab

    Have you restarted your computer and tried again? Does this problem occur in singleplayer?
  7. Hello! Do you use any program or drivers to make your controller work on your PC? If not, search "Xbox controller PC driver" on google. Have you selected "controller", "game controller" or something similar under the "controllers" menu? Do the buttons work on any other games on your PC? Do they work on an Xbox?
  8. dyvik

    Clan Creator

    If you want to create a company for you and your friends, you can do that for free over at MyVTC. If you want to have a convoy with just your friends, you can simply meet up somewhere and take jobs to the same location. There is no built-in feature for convoys on the multiplayer servers at this point.
  9. You can also join a VTC, instead of creating one, if you dont want to start from the bottom with few drivers etc. You can find many of them here. Companies often have convoys and meetups, and so does streamers. This is a great way to get new friends on the road!
  10. If you wait for a moment you should get a slot
  11. ^ Also, you get a new ID every time you log in.
  12. dyvik

    License plate

    Did this happend while you were driving on a multiplayer server?
  13. It does not matter, as long as it is 1.21.(something). I currently use, and I am able to join the servers. (Bigger image in I<3VODKA's post) Ingame version
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