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  1. ^ Yeah, I figured at least the bouncing was known. It's too obvious. Then I noticed the wheels were spinning. Eerie. It's also worth pointing out that I got offers expiring in 71582786 h 4 min and 71582786 h 44 min. That's 2^32-132 and 2^32-92 minutes, respectively. The SP/MP time change must've made them underflow, without removing them for some reason. But I already spotted a bug report about that so that's secondary here. Also seemingly harmless although I wonder how long they'll remain on the freight market. Then again, it might counter the issue of the empty freight market. I'll see next time I play.
  2. Mod Version: ETS2MP Alpha; ETS2 Used: Keyboard + mouseDescription of Issue: In MP, trailers at companies (waiting for you to potentially pick them up) are buried a little and their wheels are spinning slowly. This doesn't happen in SP. When you accept a job, the corresponding trailer bounces out of the ground but is subsequently fine.How to reproduce: Find a company with trailers. Look closely.Screenshots / Videos:
  3. I find in-game reports aren't that useful. First of all, an admin should be online and have time to come and take a look. When they do come, the perpetrator must still be doing something bad. If somebody hit you and drove off, the admin wouldn't have any evidence to go on by then. There must be an ongoing situation like someone who continues to block or ram for a while. However, if you are successful, the perpetrator will be banned right there and then so you can drive on in peace. Reporting on the web with video evidence works every time. The admin can see everything that happened right from the start. The main disadvantage is that there's a delay, it seems currently of several days. The perpetrator can likely complete their 'play' session. They might not even want to play while they're sitting out their eventual ban. Of course, there'll be a mark on their record bringing them closer to a permaban, so over time it should still be effective.
  4. This is still mainly a question of what I'm currently supposed to enter. Does anyone know? I could post a suggestion later based on what I've learned here.
  5. I was wondering about that. Doesn't seem to be hugely important in getting the report dealt with but it would be good to be unambiguous. The form should mention the time zone. JavaScript could be used to let the reporter use their own time zone, which would probably improve overall reliability. Still tell them that you're doing so.
  6. I'm pretty sure SCS went with summer because it's more vibrant and offers more daylight driving. Most players wouldn't like driving in the dark so much. Perhaps being able to maintain a circadian rhythm would help there. Not in multiplayer because you can't advance the global clock. In any case, the only real solution for ETS2MP is to make sure everyone has the same daylight cycle. You can think of something worse like a different, overlapping road network, but this kind of fragmentation is pretty bad. Speaking of the daylight cycle, it's odd that there are no real time zones. Just some latitude correction as of late. It has nothing to do with this problem but it's just odd. You don't have to go to such great lengths to appease the Flat Earth Society. It seems that "realistic" has become synonymous with "looks pretty neat". It's always hard for people to spot the flaws of current-gen graphics, yet in a few years we'll all look back and laugh when we've become accustomed to specific improvements. Even current tech should be capable of more, to get at least a realistic balance. The main problem is that the dynamic range would often be so extreme as to make it hard to reproduce a recognizable image on a monitor.
  7. Personally I like to use parking lights as daylight running lights. The truck itself should be clearly visible, just not the spill in front. Is that okay with you guys? It's that very spill that's annoying because even in bright daylight it competes with the sun, to the point that concrete hit by your lights gets bloom effects. Not very HDR at all. That's why I'm hesitant to run the low beam all the time. It would be nice if SCS made lighting more realistic. Actual glare when looking directly at a lamp, proportional to the apparent spill hitting the camera (beware of high beams!). Distance attenuation. Some hotkeys to toggle auxiliary lights. Better HDR so that retroreflective signs aren't either too dark or too bright. Actual retroreflection if it's reasonable to fit in a deferred renderer? Yeah.
  8. quale

    Keep Distance!

    There are different rules for following distance whose applicability depends on the circumstances. The two-second rule can be described as f=bs, where f is following distance, b is reaction time (2 seconds) and s is speed. This works well when you can brake at least as hard as whoever is in front of you. Even if they stamp on the brakes, as long as you imitate that action within two seconds you won't hit them. You can also account for a sudden complete stop, like if the person in front of you hits something you couldn't see or simply lags out. That can be described as f=(1/2)as^2, where a is your rate of deceleration. If you start braking the moment they stop, your bumpers will touch. You can add a constant distance like f=(1/2)as^2+c to avoid that. Putting it all together, you get f=(1/2)as^2+bs+c. If you enter all terms correctly you shouldn't ever run into the back of someone just driving in front of you.
  9. I actually turned it off because the extrasensory perception was freaking me out. It's already much more than you should need, but apparently it isn't enough? That would be a 'no' from me. As for the internals of warning blips, as far as I can tell the server doesn't run any game logic. Asking the client for something like damage doesn't seem like a good idea because of cheating potential. Perhaps hard braking could be detected. There might be some conflation with bad lag but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Additionally, being on track for a likely collision, especially with a great speed difference, could trigger it.
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