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  1. This is still mainly a question of what I'm currently supposed to enter. Does anyone know? I could post a suggestion later based on what I've learned here.
  2. I was wondering about that. Doesn't seem to be hugely important in getting the report dealt with but it would be good to be unambiguous. The form should mention the time zone. JavaScript could be used to let the reporter use their own time zone, which would probably improve overall reliability. Still tell them that you're doing so.
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    I actually turned it off because the extrasensory perception was freaking me out. It's already much more than you should need, but apparently it isn't enough? That would be a 'no' from me. As for the internals of warning blips, as far as I can tell the server doesn't run any game logic. Asking the client for something like damage doesn't seem like a good idea because of cheating potential. Perhaps hard braking could be detected. There might be some conflation with bad lag but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Additionally, being on track for a likely collision, especially with a great sp
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