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  1. This might be a dumb question, but what does the "On Waiting List" mean for a Game Mode Application?
  2. A ping that is too high means that your internet connection is slow. Depending on your location, this can happen on game servers (if you live in Australia and want to play on EU2, for example). But because they had an event going on, maybe that was the server's fault. Do you get kicked when playing normally?
  3. Could you be more specific? Maybe provide some photos with your problem?
  4. The_Wish

    help game crashes

    Are you trying to use a savegame that has a DLC you might not have bought? For example, you downloaded a savegame from the web and it has Nevada but you have not bought it?
  5. Happy Birthday :)  


    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      Happy birthday @The_Wish Enjoy your day :wub:

    2. The_Wish


      Thanks guys <3

  6. TruckersMP incompatible with latest ETS version

    We are aware of the recent ETS game update and that it is not compatible with the mod. Our devs are working to get the mod compatible again as soon as possible. ATS is still working!

  7. Hey, Try and rename the profiles so that all will have the 61616161 in front of the old numbers. Hopefully it should work.
  8. Hi, Try re-installing the launcher if the problem above didn't work.
  9. The_Wish


    @Archangel 'S Modul da peste cap majoritatea "sistemelor" din singleplayer, pentru ca nu ai nevoie de ele pe multiplayer. Din cate stiu, poti sa te conectezi pe singleplayer si iti va reveni somnul si vei face bani de la soferi.
  10. I might be dumb but I can't find the form to apply for Support. Can someone direct me to it? (I see that apps are open)


    1. Prototype


      You had to press there over the open "apps"

    2. The_Wish


      I did but it said that the form is closed after I sent the app?

    3. Prototype


      You're late mate. http://prntscr.com/ex0nmj They haven't updated the status.

  11. Finally bought ATS. I should take it as a Christmas gift ha?

    1. Moppa5


      You bet :D. I got ATS little earlier than Christmas, but I still consider it to be my gift :P

  12. Got a quick question. Can we use the new trailer DLC yet? I knew we couldn't but I haven't played MP for a while

    1. The_Wish
    2. Mirko9


      No i cant happy trucking!

  13. @Titanic4 it was always like that i think
  14. Nice to see the support for the Scania DLC, time to pimp out a scania!
  15. Damn Wales good job son

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