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  1. Can you help me with my problems

    1. Suleyman.53
    2. T.Rucker


      Sure, if the paycheck is good enough... :ph34r:

  2. Your standard web stuff: PHP HTML CSS JS (and jQuery) Then: SQL Python Java C#
  3. My documents are on my HDD deliberately. I want the game on the HDD to save space but the documents on the SSD so profiles and mods will load quicker
  4. Are you using any police addons?
  5. -EDIT- silly enough to put it on the ATS MP by accident, applies to both games. Hello, How do you set custom launch options when running MP? For example, my ETS2 is as follows: -64bit -nointro -homedir "C:\Users\sebni" I use this to ensure that ETS2 loads my profiles and mods from my SSD, whilst ETS2 itself is on my HDD. However, when running MP, it looks for the profiles in my HDD: M:\Users\sebni\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2 I have no profiles saved here so I can't load my MP profile. I know I can copy just my MP profile to my documents folder, but is there
  6. Yay you can now help me with all my problems B)

    1. T.Rucker


      Of course i can, but it won't be cheap... :P

  7. Well done mate :)

    1. T.Rucker


      Thanks, seb... :)

  8. I'll be there with my UK paint job #PrayForLondon
  9. Ah, je vois. Je connais quelqu'un d'autre qui a eu ce problème, et je n'ai pas pu le résoudre. Je vous suggère d'écrire un ticket de support pour l'un des membres du personnel peut vous aider. Si vous avez besoin d'aide pour l'écrire en anglais, faites-le moi savoir.
  10. They know there is issues. Please be patient.
  11. Pouvez-vous m'envoyer une capture d'écran?
  12. Salut Quelle version de jeu utilisez-vous?
  13. When you start a profile in singleplayer and then use it on multiplayer for the first time then it "accelerates" your in game time. This is why you have 3271 days playtime and your load is now late. With regards to assignments, you need to do one of the following: Sleep F7 to the repair centre Teleport to a garage This will reset your jobs list I also recommend the following: It's always best to start a load in multiplayer and finish the load in multiplayer in the same session, or you could risk running late. Or use W
  14. sebnichols


    How fast is your internet?
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