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  1. Matthewr_2010

    Save Editing - Am I following the rules?

    a really good guild for mp mod trucks
  2. is anyone else have trouble getting ATS mp eu 2?

    1. TrademarkGamer


      Servers are having trouble

    2. Zyder


      I Think its down to a problem with OVH, some servers are having high ping atm.

    3. Matthewr_2010


      i got on but im having bad lag and thanks for the reply

  3. why cant i the steam punk panit dlc on my truck in ats mp

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. FirestarteR93


      ^also there's some problem with Steam's ATS followers check thingy

    3. MrHarv98


      Remove DLC and Connect to servers :)

    4. Matthewr_2010


      as long as i dont have it on my truck its fine

  4. Matthewr_2010

    Ets2map Megathread

    keep the great work and its a good mod
  5. Matthewr_2010

    Q&A Video [ConvoyCCTV] - Ask Questions!

    whats your favorite truck and hp and why
  6. Matthewr_2010 has been released.

    keep up ur great work
  7. Matthewr_2010

    in-game chat not working

    update in game chat is working again
  8. Matthewr_2010

    in-game chat not working

    does anyone know why the in game chat is not working
  9. Matthewr_2010

    It's been a year!

    the mp team is doing a great job on the mod and keep it up its a great mod. if was't for the creator of the mod making it i wouldn't made goods friends via in game chat of in teamspeak Edit its a great job
  10. Matthewr_2010

    0.1.8 has been released.

    thank you
  11. Matthewr_2010

    0.1.6 R5 has been released.

    keep up all the great work you all are doing
  12. Matthewr_2010

    Truckfest- Friday 27th February

    il be late to the truckfest
  13. Matthewr_2010

    How To Properly Report Users

    thanks for the post i just found the guy who me and i couldn't find his steam profile by his nick name and again thank you
  14. Matthewr_2010


    Server: US1 Location: Near manchester People: Alemao Gameplayz, Sullivan.lemos Description: Ramming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5UP3eRw0Zy4&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5UP3eRw0Zy4&feature=youtu.be
  15. Matthewr_2010


    Player name: Rota TRans [TR] Beyaz reason ramming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ou1c5fYkZE&feature=youtu.be banned for 7 days Expires: 2014-12-27 12:00:00