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  1. is anyone else have trouble getting ATS mp eu 2?

    1. TrademarkGamer


      Servers are having trouble

    2. Zyder


      I Think its down to a problem with OVH, some servers are having high ping atm.

    3. Matthewr_2010


      i got on but im having bad lag and thanks for the reply

  2. why cant i the steam punk panit dlc on my truck in ats mp

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. FirestarteR93


      ^also there's some problem with Steam's ATS followers check thingy

    3. MrHarv98


      Remove DLC and Connect to servers :)

    4. Matthewr_2010


      as long as i dont have it on my truck its fine

  3. update in game chat is working again
  4. does anyone know why the in game chat is not working
  5. the mp team is doing a great job on the mod and keep it up its a great mod. if was't for the creator of the mod making it i wouldn't made goods friends via in game chat of in teamspeak Edit its a great job
  6. keep up all the great work you all are doing
  7. thanks for the post i just found the guy who me and i couldn't find his steam profile by his nick name and again thank you
  8. i haven't had mine yet and i'm using hotmail
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