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  1. conserv

    Ошибка груза

    Not sure if the author of this topic understands English, so just in case will paste this here as well. RUS: Если у Вас нет личного грузовика: Откройте папку «Мои документы\Euro Truck Simulator 2»;Откройте при помощи блокнота файл «config.cfg»;Найдите при помощи сочетания клавиш Ctrl + F такие строки, как «g_console = "0"» и «g_developer = "0"»;Измените их значения на 1;Сохраните файл.Затем запустите одиночную игру;Откройте консоль (клавишa на которой видите ~);Введите «g_force_economy_reset 1»;Нажмите ESC и перезагрузите профиль;Снова откройте консоль и введите «g_force_economy_reset 0» Пожалуйста, пишите в данном форуме на английском языке! ------------------------------------------- ENG: If you do not have your own truck: Open folder "My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2"Using the program Notepad, open the file named config.cfgUsing the Find function (or Ctrl+F) search for "g_console" and "g_developer"Change the value to 1Save the fileOpen the singleplayer version of ETS2Open the console using the button located under the Esc key, left of 1 and top of the Tab key. (They key has a ~ on it.)Type: g_force_economy_reset 1Press ESC and load your profile again.There is a message informing of a game change - press OK.Open the console again, type: g_force_economy_reset 0 Please, use English in this forum.
  2. conserv

    goinh east

    Yes, you will. Same goes for Scandinavia.
  3. conserv

    UnLoad Trailer Problem

    The solution is to go to the service station via F7+ENTER => your truck will be delivered to the service station with your trailer attached again. Now you can repark your trailer. To avoid this, use the parking brake before disconnecting the trailer to finish your job. There's nothing else you can do at this moment.
  4. conserv

    UnLoad Trailer Problem

    This is a bug that is caused by your truck moving during the time your trailer is being disconnected and since MP doesn't allow any game windows open while your truck is in motion you don't get the job end screen. When this happens: press F7 and Enter to get transported to the service station (your trailer will come with you as well) and then you can repark. To avoid this: before unhooking your trailer, put on the parking brake, turn off your engine to avoid your truck moving. HOWEVER, this doesn't always work, because sometimes your trailer moves your truck a bit when it's unhooked (due to the ground being uneven in quarrys and/or your trailer is pushed against something when unhooked). In this case you also use F7+Enter to repark the trailer. This is very annoying if it happens multiple times and the service station is far away from your unloading point, but unfortunately, there is no other solution as of now. (also, you could've just posted this in your previous thread )
  5. conserv

    UnLoad Trailer Problem

    Thing is, if you read this part you can see he can't pick up the trailer even though it is saying press T to pick up the trailer. Which means it's a bug which appeared when SCS added the little delay between dropping the load and getting the delivered job screen (the disconnecting trailer... message). This case is still wide open xd
  6. conserv

    UnLoad Trailer Problem

    Well, the game sometimes allows dropping off the trailer if it isn't perfectly aligned in the box. And if you look a bit more closely at the sentences I underlined and bolded, you'll maybe notice that it describes the bug I linked.
  7. conserv

    UnLoad Trailer Problem

    I believe you've just encountered this bug. The only fix is pressing F7 and Enter and then reparking. However, that doesn't always work either, then your only solution is to unhook the trailer and drive away so the job gets cancelled (this way you don't have to pay for the fine of cancelling a job). To avoid this bug, before you press T to unhook the trailer: shift to neutral, put on the parking brake (and maybe even turn off your engine). Once I started doing this, I haven't had this bug that often.
  8. conserv

    Steering help!!

    Another reason why the wheel rotation is not 900 degrees is that you might be plugging your wheel in after you launch the game? So you might want to try to plug the wheel in, open the Logitech profiler (I think this also needs to be running when you play) and then launch the game.