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  1. Cosworth

    Game Crash Megathread

    Game:ETS2 Mod Version: 1.32 Controllers Used: Logitech DFGT Description of Issue: It keeps crashing when I try to open trailer manager to use my own trailer. How to reproduce:- Screenshots / Videos:- game.crash.txt last_crash.log
  2. Pay a visit to my Gallery!

  3. Cosworth

    EU4 equivalent for ATS

    -1 There is no need to divide the ATS players to 1 more server.Already not many players in one server so I don't think we need another one.
  4. Cosworth

    Have you ever seen CD this bad?

    I have seen worse than that in Europoort, Netherlands, and it was double lane, so completely normal.
  5. Cosworth

    Front Camera

    That's why I'm actually using the Renault Premium.
  6. Cosworth

    Hot topic #1: ETS and ATS 1.32 beta

    I have played for 2 hours, and I must say, trailer ownership is AMAZING! I also came across to few of the bugs mentioned above but they will be fixed for sure on final release of the update.
  7. Cosworth

    Automatically kick players who spam their horn

    I'd give my thumbs up to this one.But it should not be less than 5-6 seconds.10 is ideal imo.I mean kick the player if he keeps spamming his/her horn for 10 seconds.I don't think it will be hard for devs as it's pretty much the same with headlight auto kick.
  8. Cosworth

    Own Trailer ​​​​​​​1.32

    It will be great.So there will be no need for 1t modded trailers as we will be able to drive our empty trailer, right?
  9. Cosworth

    Crash @ Calais

    Someone is using illegal mods in Calais, and that's why other players who are playing the game normally are affected.
  10. Cosworth

    Best photo you have taken of the sunrise/set in ets2

    This one is quite old, when France DLC just came out, So was that;
  11. Cosworth

    What do you drive?

    It's color combination is so nice! I drive a 2012 Alfa Romeo Giulietta. 1.4 170hp Petrol.It's my first car, bought it last year.
  12. Spotify or Pal Station(Turkey based, EDM-R&B radio channel).Driving without music is like walking outside without your shoes.
  13. Cosworth

    Update 1.32 for ATS

    We should be getting the Cascadia or VNL together with Oregon.Game definitely lacks of trucks.