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  1. Hypercaine

    Christmas Paint Job DLC not working on MP

    Post can be locked now if needed, Bug post has been posted and dev's now looking in to the problem in case anyone else comes looking for the same issue
  2. Hypercaine

    Christmas Paint Job DLC not working on MP

    Yeah it is enabled on his steam, That's why it still works on singleplayer He tried this and still with no luck at all. Still works on singleplayer but not MP so some reason
  3. Hypercaine

    Christmas Paint Job DLC not working on MP

    There is no error message, It just doesn't load at all This is single player loaded This is on MP not loaded But both times he has the DLC installed on steam
  4. Hi everyone, A friend of mine got the Christmas paint job DLC yesterday and it's not being loaded in when he loads up MP, It loads in singleplayer though. He has tried everything stated in this post https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/61129-dlc-not-working-in-multiplayer/ and still can't seen to get it to work, Does anyone know of anything else for him to try and get it to work?
  5. Hypercaine

    Allow double trailers all EU on Europe4 server

    This is a good idea i think and with the new trailer ownership coming in on 1.32, This will make for some fun driving if this were enabled
  6. Hypercaine

    Where are you guys from?

    I am from the United Kingdom. Nice to meet everyone
  7. Hypercaine

    Front Camera

    I really hope they say it can be used or even better, They add it in to the mp mod so everyone has it Guess we will wait and see though
  8. Hypercaine

    Front Camera

    Would this be ok to use online or not? https://ets2.lt/en/multiplayer-front-camera-1-31/ Just like to say that i'm not using it till i get the ok, Just thought it would be a really good idea, So you can see the front of your truck better when getting close to players in front. Thanks. Hypercaine.