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  1. Hello all! Just a quick update about what is happening over at ALPHA Logistics!


    One of our Core Team Members (@PDragongirl20) is back in action and will be slowly settled in over the next few days or so! 
    We're holding a Convoy this upcoming Saturday, details can be found here: https://ets2c.com/view/79421/redgamerwolf-rebro-service-station

    And lastly working with our newest members getting together to have a blast!


    If you have an interest in joining, contact us via email or visit our Discord today! 


    Happy trucking all!

    CEO | Founder of ALPHA Logistics
    Email: [email protected]      Twitch: www.twitch.tv/redgamerwolf


  2. ALPHA LOGISTICS VTC | UPDATE Greetings from the Management Team! Hope you're all doing well! Today we have some Awesome News to announce regarding our VTC Branding Colours & Pattern. ~o~ After a recent discussion, we decided to implement a new colour combination to our VTC. The colour combination consists of 2 game paint jobs. It will be more recognised since not a lot VTCs use it. NEW COLOUR & PATTERN ~o~ Regarding our Recruitment, we are still open to New Drivers to join our Ranks. If you wish to find out more or wish to Apply, please visit our Website: https://alphalogisticsvtc.wixsite.com/truck Or Join us in our Trucking Lounge to talk with the ALPHA Team! https://www.discord.gg/KXMf49R ~o~ Kind Regards RedGamerWolf | CEO
  3. Hey all! Going to be working on a few things for the VTC, having a chilled stream today! 


  4. Good Morning/Afternoon all! 


    How are we doing today? :) 


    Got some plans for this evenings stream which is also a little bit different. 

    1. JJay


      Good Afternoon ^_^

      Fine, and you? :thinking:

    2. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      Have a nice weekend :) 

    3. RedGamerWolf


      Doing all good thanks JJay! :3 And same to you Kien! 

  5. RedGamerWolf

    Escort Vehicle - Van

    Before I mention my suggestion/idea, I know we have pilot cars for this, but hear me out. As some of you may own the DLC for the BIG haulage that requires roads to be closed, etc. Those Escort Vans could be a great Addon! Why? We’ll Convoy Control is very important and having a second vehicle to show where the convoy needs to turn off or what lane to stay in is a good idea. The pilot cars then can be used to pilot the convoy during the journey, but the vans will make sure the convoy doesn’t take a wrong turn, etc. I can also see it to causes more Road issues, however in general the idea could expand more control over big convoys. Tell me your thoughts on the idea guys!
  6. Good Evening all! How is everyone doing? :D What are you guys up to? :)

    My keyboard died, so had to get a new one. XD Still not use to the layout of it tho. lol

    Not sure whether to drive around after work tomorrow or take it easy this weekend. > . < 

    1. [TAL CEO] BlackSkill

      [TAL CEO] BlackSkill

      Good Night. Pretty good, thanks, what about you? Well, I'm going to have some fun on EU2 a bit later :P 

    2. [LKW Tr.] Kap

      [LKW Tr.] Kap

      I raged quit playing with winter physics and bendy roads in France :p 

    3. RedGamerWolf


      Doing all good @[TAL CEO] BlackSkill apart from the keyboard. XD May see you on there! :P

      LOL  @[LKW Tr.] Kap XD Winter physics + France = Not good mix. 

  7. RedGamerWolf

    New to ETS2 Multiplayer? No problem! Come check here!

    Haven’t the button to talk on the CB changed to “X” ? Other than that, looks and sounds great!
  8. Just jumped on to TMP and went to my garage, and look who I bumped into. ;)


    1. BlackEagleTMP


      @Speedy_TMP "Im not a admin, Im a VTC driver"

  9. Hello all! How are you all doing today? Just want to make this topic for myself and any others that it may help. So, I was driving with my VTC the other day and struggled to find decent locations to have a Meet Up point before/during/after a Convoy. If anyone has good suggestions, please drop a comment below! <3 Thank you and Happy Trucking!
  10. RedGamerWolf

    Calais- Duisburg Road

    As a fellow Twitch Streamer and someone who plays on TMP a lot, record every moment regardless. Even if I am not streaming, I keep a recording of what has been going on, kinda like a Dash Cam. It's now the norm for Trucks to have Dash Cams. The trucks in my Fleet at work are all fitted with Dash Cams, luckily nothing has happened yet, but it's always good to have a recording of accidents, etc. And the right thing to do in that situation is to Follow the Road Rules. You'll find the ones who Don't / Can't Drive will always be the ones that Don't follow the Road Rules causing the accidents on the C - D Road. It is called "Euro Truck Simulator" after all, wouldn't be a Simulator without IRL procedures inside the Game! And Dash Cam is one of them. XD
  11. Alright Darling! LUL XD Thanks for the follow! :p 

  12. Hey all! It's time for da Convoy! Live over on twitch ! 


  13. Morning all! Letting you all know I am holding a small vtc convoy! And anyone can join in! 



    15:00/16:00 BST - Today

    EU2 - Zurich > Manchester 


    Just head on over to the discord for when it starts! http://www.discord.gg/KXMf49R

    1. [TAL CEO] BlackSkill

      [TAL CEO] BlackSkill

      Good luck with convoy ;) 

  14. Hey all! I know it's not much really, however finally got a website for the VTC! 


    1. Averazon


      Looking simple but really nice! You got all the information you need on there to start with. Maybe change the name of the page "terms and conditions" as it sounds like a website disclaimer haha.

    2. RedGamerWolf


      XD True true! will think of something better!


  15. Hey guys! I am currently trucking and planning a (Last minute) Convoy! Come join me in the stream for details! 


    1. LOCK-MAN


      Good Luck bro. But I can't join. Sorry

    2. RedGamerWolf


      Not to worry! :D There is always a next time!