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    Can you give an example of the following scenario

    1. efekankara


      What should i write


      that is constantly being rejected


      I'll explain in English or all the languages I know

    2. NeonLeon


      Hey! If you're looking for a detailed explanation of your application being rejected, please head over to the feedback system and create a ticket: truckersmp.com/feedback (section: Human Resources) 

  2. I think that better than the first skoda brakes and the course has been fixed.
  3. I can say that the vehicles were slipping very bad and the accident rate was very high I have deleted the snow mode for it and think it needs to be fixed
  4. Yes mate ets2 and ets2mp in same job But Ets2mp is using a different kernel type because of servers So the ets2mp and ets 2 kernels are different but the internal functions are the same
  5. This is a very nice thought to be brought to mate
  6. @iTheDarkWolf. I agree with you, buddy, it would be great if these add ons came into play.
  7. Punishment History private Banned 30 Jan 17:37

    In-Game Issued by Speedy_TMP Reason : Reckless Driving Appealed : 0

    times Server : ETS2: EU #3 Expires : Today, 17:37



    My friend 2 ago banned for reckless driving he's supposed to go today,but he's still not finished. And despite the time of 17:37 but Alibey04's banned hasn't been removed yet I can not enter my friend Truckersmp What is the reason? 

    Thank you if you explain.

    1. Kap.


      Times are in UTC, so 17:37 UTC. Also, forum is not a place to talk about bans really, however since you may think that is an issue, it should be ok. 

    2. efekankara


      @[LKW Tr.] Kap




      Thank you so much I won't talk about ban in the forum 

      thank you for informing me. :)



  8. Dear @[RLC] Elsassisch_Trucker Yes my problem is solved thank you for your interest
  9. I would like Balkan countries to come to the game that would be great. This a great idea
  10. efekankara

    Ford F-Max

    I think of the entry of Ford Trucks into the game but this issue needs to be discussed with scs software
  11. Şuan sorunum düzeldi Görkem Friends have repaired the game has been deleted deleted the truckersmp I have deleted the restore I am not getting the error anymore By the way I had truckersmp I was not having trouble with my game I was receiving this error when I said install available updates but I have improved so thank you
  12. İt's great idea but Unfortunately, this game can not be brought because the companies do not want their trucks to look bad in the game So I don't think this feature will come into play But I'm sure it will be nice if brought
  13. @[TAL Founder] BlackSkill Sorry, I don't have the pictures of the error I took
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