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  1. Yes dude italian ways are spectacularly worth taking

    Can you give an example of the following scenario

    1. efekankara


      What should i write


      that is constantly being rejected


      I'll explain in English or all the languages I know

    2. NeonLeon


      Hey! If you're looking for a detailed explanation of your application being rejected, please head over to the feedback system and create a ticket: truckersmp.com/feedback (section: Human Resources) 

  3. I think that better than the first skoda brakes and the course has been fixed.
  4. Yes mate ets2 and ets2mp in same job But Ets2mp is using a different kernel type because of servers So the ets2mp and ets 2 kernels are different but the internal functions are the same
  5. This is a very nice thought to be brought to mate
  6. @iTheDarkWolf. I agree with you, buddy, it would be great if these add ons came into play.
  7. Punishment History private Banned 30 Jan 17:37

    In-Game Issued by Speedy_TMP Reason : Reckless Driving Appealed : 0

    times Server : ETS2: EU #3 Expires : Today, 17:37



    My friend 2 ago banned for reckless driving he's supposed to go today,but he's still not finished. And despite the time of 17:37 but Alibey04's banned hasn't been removed yet I can not enter my friend Truckersmp What is the reason? 

    Thank you if you explain.

    1. Kap.


      Times are in UTC, so 17:37 UTC. Also, forum is not a place to talk about bans really, however since you may think that is an issue, it should be ok. 

    2. efekankara


      @[LKW Tr.] Kap




      Thank you so much I won't talk about ban in the forum 

      thank you for informing me. :)



  8. Dear @[RLC] Elsassisch_Trucker Yes my problem is solved thank you for your interest
  9. Şuan sorunum düzeldi Görkem Friends have repaired the game has been deleted deleted the truckersmp I have deleted the restore I am not getting the error anymore By the way I had truckersmp I was not having trouble with my game I was receiving this error when I said install available updates but I have improved so thank you
  10. @[TAL Founder] BlackSkill Sorry, I don't have the pictures of the error I took
  11. Hi dear friends about 2 weeks ago Euro Truck Simulator 2 I've installed and installed Truckersmp after installing the game and when installing Truckersmp I tried to install the update I had update and give update error and 2 weeks have passed and today Truckersmp has worked properly so what is the reason for this update error
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