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  1. Could it be the Logitech Profiler trying to use a profile for ETS when single player that is set at 780 but when launching multiplayer it might detect it as a different game or not at all so is set at a default? (not sure if that makes perfect sense to others but..)
  2. put me down as an eggstra person turning up for this!
  3. yes that one is due to world of trucks not working, If you wait long enough it will ask of you want to continue offline, which will then carry on and let you go on multiplayer as normal. or if you dont want to wait, in Game go to EDIT your profile, Remove your World Of Trucks login and apply, then continue into the game as normal. Multiplayer will load up without an issue but you wont have your custom number plate from world of trucks or be able to do world of trucks contract jobs.
  4. This is because of WORLD OF TRUCKS login, If you go to EDIT profile and remove your World Of Trucks login from there you can continue into the game as normal. Just means you wont have the custom number plate. Presumibly just a temporary issue with WOT site / login server being slow / down
  5. Bah Humbug!!! Although.. Happy christmas.
  6. Unfortunately this weekend was a killer for Work so i only made a couple of hours on Saturday but what i saw was a committed group of people getting into the spirit of things. Well done to everybody who managed to be there for so many hours! Thank you for taking part. Massive community support really shows the strength of this place when focused on the right things, Amazing amount raised for a great charity! I'll finish off with a WOOHOOO!!! Now.. i have a day off. Can we start again?
  7. That's Better, 64 means i can participate rather than miss it due to work. Look forward to it
  8. I also noticed when i tried it today that my truck was not appearing on the radar like it normally would, but others around me were. Having said that i gave up setting it up after my 4th game crash (unrelated to radar) and only had it on for 2 minutes at a time. On another note i still always get the message that says the .dll is not enabled (the dll has been placed in the plugin directory and i am in my truck before starting ets2map radar 1.15) Although normally the tracking works anyway.
  9. I dont see the "forced snow" as a bug. For me and all the convoy guys i am driving with who have their rain probability set as off, the snow / rain starts at the same time and ends at the same time. It only comes down in 1 density which is not very heavy. I am happy with that! The only reason i had it off in the first place is because it was not the same as what other people had. If the game crashes get fixed it'll be a decent update from my point of view.
  10. From what i have noticed if you have your rain probability all the way off then it is synch'd, People with the rain probability on (to some degree) have got rain at when those with it off get it, and additionally at other times (if that makes any sense at all!) Traffic lights seem to be sync'd and at night instead of flashing yellow they stay red was my experience last night. if everybody knows this then it should not be an issue. Trains, we all had it at the same time on a convoy last night but we were close together so it may have just been that we were all close enough to the activation point. so not sure on that one. I got quite a few crashes at first last night but after a while it seemed to be stable.
  11. Works great for me, Been using it during convoys for a slightly larger view ahead. What would be nice is to have larger icons on the map (less accurate on the positions i know but means i don't have to squint my eyes when zoomed out a bit further). Great Work!
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