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  1. Hey Franky500 i have tried this but and still facing the same issue, still cannot get past the profile selection screen Thanks Ukguy232Gaming
  2. Hey guys i cant log into ets2mp, i get to the login screen enter my username and password fine, it then takes me to the profile screen i select my profile and click continue game and it says "signing in" but just hangs there and wont let me into the game UPDATE: 17:53pm - i am now getting "this service is unavailable please try again later" is this a bug or a known issue? is there a fix for this? Thanks Ukguy232Gaming
  3. hey guys is anyone else having problems connecting to the EU2 server, i searched and no threads come up about it, i only saw one saying the same thing about the EU1 server. when i try to connect it says "connecting to EU2 Server" then in the top right hand corner it says offline. i am using the latest version of ETS2MP and am on 1.20 on steam opted out of betas. i have also checked the server list and its saying that EU1 is online with 568/2400 players and EU2 is online with 247/2300 any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance:D Ukguy232Gaming
  4. there is nothing wrong with windows 10 its the best os microsoft have released so far in my opinion and it has been relatively stable for me not had any problems yet you don't have to have it set to 799 rotation or tick combined axis, all you have to do is reset everything in Logitech profiler back to default then reset it back up to 900 degree rotation and adjust your sensitivity and dead zone to your individual preference and my wheel works perfectly fine for me now on windows 10
  5. i have resolved this issue this thread can be closed thanks for your help
  6. no the wheel is straight in my hands but on screen it will be at a 45 degree angle and i cant get them to sync correctly with each other
  7. no this is only happening in ets2 im on windows 10 with logitech profiler installed, its logitech profiler 5.10 for windows 10
  8. hey guys i have a logitech driving force gt that works fine until every time i reboot my pc. usually when i reset the wheel it auto corrects its self and straightens in game but now for some reason no matter how many times i reset the steering wheel and even if i remove and re add it in game the wheel will not straighten out which causes my truck to vear in one direction all the time does anyone else have this problem and know if there is a fix to this Many thanks for your help in advance
  9. Thanks for the work you do and put into your DLC i have been looking forward to this keep up the good work
  10. every time i try and log in to ets2mp i am getting Unknown authentication error. i can see all the servers are online in the list so why cant i log into the game? thanks for your help guys
  11. i have tried the ETS2MP with antivirus and firewall turned off and still get the same thing, it worked fine on every update before this one, but as soon as 0.1.7 R3 has come it its been problems, i had no problems at all with 0.1.6
  12. this seems to be a bigger problem than they think, and a lot of people seem to be suffering from it,
  13. sorry for not using the correct bug reporting format i know now for when i make a report next time i have tried what you said and it worked, when i load ets2mp it opened but when i closed it and reopened it it went back to the way it was and started loading SP again please don't say that i have to uninstall and reinstall ETS2MP every time i want to play it thanks for your help
  14. i have just updated my game to the 0.1.7 R3 update, now when i open the multiplayer it is for some odd reason taking me to single player and not opening ets2mp can anyone help me with this and know what could be causing it thanks for your help in advance Ukguy232gaming
  15. Posted Today, 17:08 Mod Version: 0.1.6 R5 Controllers Used: Logitech Driving Force Gt Description of Issue: took the ferry from Göteborg and go to Fredrikshavn, when i reached the other side i landed on top of a truck and the truck flew up in the air there is no collision zone at the port of Fredrikshavn How to reproduce: Take the ferrie from Göteborg and go to Fredrikshavn
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