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  1. Well, I haven't tried for my self yet, but it looks and sounds great. I'm starting to appreciate all of those smaller details and expansions that SCS do more recently now. But I'm keeping to update when TMP does.
  2. Thank you for celebrating Christmas on the road with us Merry Christmas and happy new year folks
  3. Happy Birthday! :wub:

  4. Well, at least i can see you aren't the only one around. Some other users have complained about it the last 6 hours. Perhaps there is a fix coming for it if the devs are aware of the issue, i'm not sure they are though. Sorry i can't help you fix the issue, but it's not a common issue especially when you have good specs as you say you do.
  5. Well it Could be the case for somebody haha Maybe in your TruckersMP settings tab? (The Tab menu in-game). There’s a few graphical settings for what you see regarding other players. Unfortunately I’m not home right now to see which settings there is in the tabs. Let me know what you if it works or nah
  6. I’m sorry I don’t know the answer to your issue, but it would probably have something to do with your graphics settings. It could have something with your disk space/speed as well. With the looks of those wheels I suggest you to go to the mechanic asap Regards, BrammerN
  7. Hello @xiaobiubiu, Please use the search bar before posting a new topic. There were multiple possible solutions: Regards, BrammerN
  8. Hello @Boo~Happy Halloween 2019. I believe it’s not the right place for talking about. Unless you have a problem with it in ETS or ATS somehow. If you would like to discuss about it with other users on the forum, I would recommend you to make a post in the tech talk section, follow the link below https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/525-tech-talk/ Regards, BrammerN
  9. Graz on the promotion! 👍

  10. Hello Jake. I have some questions and suggestions about your issue. Just to be sure, this happens in Singeplayer as well? If you haven't tried yet, try to make a new profile. It could be the case that your profiles are corrupt somehow. What server are you trying to connect to? - If Promods server, remember you need ALL of the DLC's. I'm not sure if the game crashes if you haven't though. Do you get any error codes before / after crash? I hope this could help, else we'll have to dig deeper into the problem. Regards, BrammerN
  11. Hello Mr. Buttlicker A new update has been released for ATS, and the multiplayer mod hasn't been updated yet. I believe patience is the only way. Regards, BrammerN
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