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  1. This is not directly related to this update, only with this topic in general. I just want say my current experience. I made Good Year event, so I dont ride single or Arcade server, but I tried Simulation server 1, because Wotr deliveries are max 90kmh, so why not. I expect finally game with more people, good enviroment and nice playing as TMP write every time in their news. I made event and then I stay there and made another 15-20 jobs as standard delivery because I like populated area more than empty road. And I was horrified, so many rammers, people who blocking road and drivers who levitating between left and right side of the road in 30kmh speed, and You can nothing do with this, because there is speed restriction 110kmh. You can just stop and wait, be rammed, or cancel delivery and jump to other city etc. You cant speed up and avoid this people. On old EU2 server I never saw this so much (in the same time period). And of course I ignore alibist argument of C-D road. Everyone who want good game and have brain never went there and he was good. I mean all other places and rest of huge map. That convinced me, that now sim servers are full bad players, who take advantage of current setting of servers and they are hiding here. And they don't want to be seen, so they dont want enabled higer speed or return to setting before Jun 2019...and they say stubbornly how great it is now etc. Good player had not problem overtake and stay in the line. These bad players apparently have. I dont know, if TMP team this even know, or is this made on purpose, it was just a terrible experience and never more. Arcad servers are golden compared to sim servers, non colision zone is annoying, but gaming there is boring especially because a few people there. Old EU2 server had advantage, that connect both group players and if good player dont care about bad players, he can easily avoide them. 99 from 100 jobs I had no problem and game was good and fun. So now TMP for many people is unplayable. And it is shame, because so much effort and work whole TMP team and developers, which I appreciate anyhow.
  2. You are funny, because: 1. Old EU2 was a proof, that large group of people dont mind and like system of this server. EU1 was little populated. Many people want play style between strict simulation and arcade. 2. As was mentioned many times, no one want destroy simulations servers, co You can be happy anyway. 3. Is very interesting, that You write as justify Your opinion with text: "Everyone is Free, but your freedom ends immediately where the next person's freedom starts", and immediately in the next sentence You try force Your opinion to all players as only one possible. 4. World is complicated, is more than two boxes black and white. I finally see what is the point most of strict simulations players here - they were angry, that old EU1 was empty and a only few people want play with this style only. So now they are happy, that people who want play with colisions are forced play only simulations and they dont want change back, because they will have less populated servers again. That's how it feels all this reply for me. I do not get it, because no one want destroy their (now two!) simulations servers, so why they dont want satisfied other players with different style of gaming too?
  3. Exactly. It is useless have two the same empty arcade servers.
  4. I suppose you read badly. Therefore You can play on simulations servers and therefore I wrote, that should be another server like old EU2 (for example), where can play people, who dont mind if on one server playing simulations players ond more variability players together. On the contrary, they want it. Nobody forces You play this game on this sever too. It's so simple.
  5. So, team of admins and developers own this MOD/game/multiplayer, so they have rights do, what they want to do. And is nothing bad about it. I only want to say my opinion. From this change I feel this attitude from team TMP: who want play only real life is good people, and who want play game with more variability is bad people, troll, rammer etc. And nothing between. Like if never exist people who want play honestly, peacefully, according rules, but with more variability (with colision, with respect to other players globaly and while overtaking etc, but with higher speed on empty roads, and no mind if some troll crash on them etc.). I am sad from some post from strict simulations players. They had server EU1, where simulations was great and why they hate other type of players so much? They have simulations server, so they can be there and they should be satisfied. And if somebody want play game other way, why they attacking us and want strict prohibitions any other type of gameing on all of servers? This behavior (when they want everyone to act like them) have name - totalitarian power, You know? This is the same, like if someone will demand all servers like arcades...how You will feel then? Team TMP, if you are tired from complaints and solutions, it should be one server with rules exactly the same as old EU2 has and You can canceled all that tons of rules from main website, and set only one rule: "if you go to this server, it will be there no bans, no support, if someone crash on You, You must be ok with it etc." I believe, that most of players will be ok with this. Who is angry from one crash and want strict simulation, he have simulations servers or server without colision. Popularity of old EU2 sever speaks for itself. Shame. Now this is game over for half of players. I wish to strict simulations players good gameing without us and sweet dreams with this feeling. Pepa Jahoda
  6. When speed limiter was introduced, 50% people here on forum said, that ETS2 is truck simulation game and who like high speed, or who want drive cars, he should play other games. Where is this people now? I dont like this update. Happy trucking and nice spring to all. Pepa
  7. MrG721 is absolutelly right, all people who want push all other players to speed limit have server EU1, so why make angry lot of people, who want drive time to time faster but save? If problem is car (yes, I agree), so is server without car, where this problem is gone and no reason for speed limit. If we have 4 servers in ETS2, lets more difference between them and all will be happy. One server without colision, without car and speed limit (for example) is the best solution in my opinion. A small look from my perspective - if I play in daytime on EU2 and many player is around me, of course I will not go so fast, it makes sence. Or if I overtake player who are going 90kmh, I overtake carefully and slower (I afraid of be ashamed if crash happend), again - it is matter of course. But if I play in nighttime and I am going 15-20 minut completely alone somewhere in France or Scandi, long straight highway, I wont go fast, because I do not want to fall asleep in front of the keyboard...and one thing - troll are mostly in Germany, if I am going in any other country I havent problem with this people more like 1-2x per month. So what is going on. For someone simulation mean play strict and completely as real world, for other simulation mean play different...and we are back at different servers... We have singleplayer of course, but sometimes is more fun play with lot of people, than alone. But it is a shame, TPM is very great game or mod of the game :-) anyway, I am disappointed, because of a few individuals (moreover they are in 90-95% around C-D road or in Germany) all polite people have worse game.
  8. Hi, may I ask, why was added limit 200 players in queue? Some people wont play specially on EU2, because on this server is the largest number of people. Full map is nice, just this reason. Of course, that people can use other servers, bud that means constantly check EU2, after every delivery, how many people is on EU2...this is no problem of course, bud is it very not user-friendly. Thanks Pepa
  9. I like it very much, finally my finger have vacation from constant squeezing TAB every few kilometers But option is fine, of course.
  10. It is awesome, 51 servers. So, people must have patience. It is great work! Thanx so much!
  11. Hmm, I suppose, that You schould choose autumn or winter...
  12. I must confirmed that. Without autumn mod all works fine like always Thanx!
  13. I download install klient 5x, and still dont connecting server after start, always offline and "you use invalid klient". My internet connecting is fine, I have this problem first time in two last years. I give up.
  14. It seems, that problem is solved. I am in for now (and zip file have diferent size) Great job! Thanx!
  15. I have the same problem as ResTed. Interesting, that on web is right information ( from 8.11. 21:00), download zip file is ets2mp_20320.zip but after instalation not work. But I write for info, will certainly be solved I wait. Thank You for great work in general!
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