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  1. PepaJahoda

    Call of the wild

    When speed limiter was introduced, 50% people here on forum said, that ETS2 is truck simulation game and who like high speed, or who want drive cars, he should play other games. Where is this people now? I dont like this update. Happy trucking and nice spring to all. Pepa
  2. PepaJahoda

    Global speed limiter

    MrG721 is absolutelly right, all people who want push all other players to speed limit have server EU1, so why make angry lot of people, who want drive time to time faster but save? If problem is car (yes, I agree), so is server without car, where this problem is gone and no reason for speed limit. If we have 4 servers in ETS2, lets more difference between them and all will be happy. One server without colision, without car and speed limit (for example) is the best solution in my opinion. A small look from my perspective - if I play in daytime on EU2 and many player is around me, of course I will not go so fast, it makes sence. Or if I overtake player who are going 90kmh, I overtake carefully and slower (I afraid of be ashamed if crash happend), again - it is matter of course. But if I play in nighttime and I am going 15-20 minut completely alone somewhere in France or Scandi, long straight highway, I wont go fast, because I do not want to fall asleep in front of the keyboard...and one thing - troll are mostly in Germany, if I am going in any other country I havent problem with this people more like 1-2x per month. So what is going on. For someone simulation mean play strict and completely as real world, for other simulation mean play different...and we are back at different servers... We have singleplayer of course, but sometimes is more fun play with lot of people, than alone. But it is a shame, TPM is very great game or mod of the game :-) anyway, I am disappointed, because of a few individuals (moreover they are in 90-95% around C-D road or in Germany) all polite people have worse game.
  3. PepaJahoda

    Version Released

    Hi, may I ask, why was added limit 200 players in queue? Some people wont play specially on EU2, because on this server is the largest number of people. Full map is nice, just this reason. Of course, that people can use other servers, bud that means constantly check EU2, after every delivery, how many people is on EU2...this is no problem of course, bud is it very not user-friendly. Thanks Pepa
  4. PepaJahoda

    Soarfly Events :: Easter Egg Hunt 2016

    Thanks to all organizers, I enjoyed this event, it was fun (specially purple egg), and I hope, that will be another events in future Pepa
  5. PepaJahoda has been released.

    I like it very much, finally my finger have vacation from constant squeezing TAB every few kilometers But option is fine, of course.
  6. PepaJahoda has been released.

    It is awesome, 51 servers. So, people must have patience. It is great work! Thanx so much!
  7. PepaJahoda has been released.

    Hmm, I suppose, that You schould choose autumn or winter...
  8. PepaJahoda has been released.

    I must confirmed that. Without autumn mod all works fine like always Thanx!
  9. PepaJahoda has been released.

    I download install klient 5x, and still dont connecting server after start, always offline and "you use invalid klient". My internet connecting is fine, I have this problem first time in two last years. I give up.
  10. PepaJahoda has been released.

    It seems, that problem is solved. I am in for now (and zip file have diferent size) Great job! Thanx!
  11. PepaJahoda has been released.

    I have the same problem as ResTed. Interesting, that on web is right information ( from 8.11. 21:00), download zip file is ets2mp_20320.zip but after instalation not work. But I write for info, will certainly be solved I wait. Thank You for great work in general!
  12. PepaJahoda

    Free camera control

    Och. It is disappointment, but at least some solution. It works Thank You KrazyMudkip. Pepa
  13. PepaJahoda

    Free camera control

    Hi, I have problem with control of free camera. I made correction in config (developer and console to 1), in game i can press "é" and i can move with free camera foward, back, left, right, down and up. But i cant change view (i mean direction where screen loking). It is only one direction forward. How I can move view sideways and rotation (like in foto mode ap.). If iam in free camera mode, i have in middle of my screen controling of steering wheel and with mouse i cant rotating camera. I will apreciative for any help. Thank You Pepa Jahoda
  14. PepaJahoda

    0.1.1 R2 Alpha

    Thankx, to You too, Futju! But now I have another problem. When i deliver cargo to the final destination, push up trailer, screen of points show, and then when I push "next" button, game crash. Freez and I must shut down via task manager. I try lower version beta (1.14.01), it is the same....I gave up for today Please if somebody know how repair this, i will appreciative. Thanx. Good night
  15. PepaJahoda

    0.1.1 R2 Alpha

    Futju, thank You very much ! I get file from your link, downloaded ok, uninstal old verzion multiplayer, instal this version, upgraded main Game from 1.12 to 1.14 and now works fine. You are lifesaver (nigthtsaver ). Thank You !