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    The Cotswolds
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    Talking about my Porsche 718 GT4 and Cars in general | Driving on TruckersMP a majority of everyday | Also I like helping with the ongoing movement of TruckersMP.
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    Nevada: Las Vegas
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    France: Calais
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About Me

- Like Driving Daily on ETS2 & some of ATS!
- Which VTC am I part of? Golden Phoenix Express VTC.

- Feel free to follow me on Twitter at @MattTrucker_TMP

-  Like car photos? Feel free to follow my Instagram here 

TruckersMP Retired Team Member

Previous Roles:
Was in the TruckersMP CC Team then Event Team before was Community Moderation Team, then was Community Mod before TGMO and Game Mod since October, TGM since March 13th 2019, Game Mod again since - 24th April 2019 till August 2nd 2019 when was promoted to Event Manager (dream role which worked hard everyday for). Organising the very best of events and making sure events go to plan with Digital at the time, then Whitelodge, Raymond, Cyberskilzz, MsMist & Skinner.
Event Manager since August 2019 till was demoted on January 7th 2022 which was really sad to me. 
Positivity will help me through this sad time. Looking forward to the future, positivity and hard work as part of GM Team
Then on 16th May was promoted to Game Moderator.  I am now Retired Team Member.

I left the TruckersMP team today (3rd August 2022) due to myself pulling a nerve in my back. I hope to be back trucking when better. 
Thank you everyone for your kindness.
Happy safe driving here and remember to obey the rules.

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