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  1. I think this post is also helpful for new players, thank you ! ?
  2. Happy birthday ! ??

  3. Happy birthday ?❤️

    1. Hasan1661


      Happy Birthday! 

    2. Ali.


      Thank you :HaulieLove:

  4. Happy birthday !! ??

    1. szykaro23


      Thank you! ❤️ 

  5. I miss my friends who used to play on the server together. They all left VTC and the game for personal reasons. When I saw this title, I vaguely recalled some pictures I played together before...
  6. Thanks for your follow !

  7. congratulations ??

  8. Congratulations! ?

    1. ZaroMW


      Thank you so much ? ❤️

  9. On my way 


    1. Franze P.

      Franze P.

      Offline with JBX Graphic Mods 

  10. 以我个人的习惯我会在上线前打开屏幕录制,确保全程录像以便事后截取录像证据来举报该玩家的行为。如果遇见鲁莽驾驶的玩家第一时间我会在遵守道路规则的情况下进行避让,如果他是故意闹事或违反规则我会问他是什么情况并且REC ban的警告,查询并记录UTC时间下线后在官网上提交举报等待游戏审核团队的回复。如果他没有对我产生影响也没有闹事且对此行为表示致歉,那我不会对这件事提交举报。
  11. Happy birthday!?

    1. InvisibleRaptor
    2. Franze P.

      Franze P.

      You are welcome,thank you for your dedication to us❤️

  12. Thanks for your following !

  13. It may be due to the lack of files after the update. It is recommended that you completely delete the plug-in and download the plug-in again on the official website. The game root directory must be set correctly. 可能是更新后缺失文件所导致的无法登录报错的情况,建议你把插件彻底删除重新在官方网站上下载插件,游戏根目录一定要设置正确
  14. Happy birthday !

    1. Matt


      thank you matey, sorry for it being late!! ?


  15. Happy birthday ! ❤️

  16. 理论上讲跟个人的地区网络宽带有关系,距离欧洲远一些的国家延迟就会高一些,解决方法可以是挂质量好些的加速器或者是租用欧洲国家地区的服务器和端口,但后面这个方案比较费钱但是效果肯定要比单纯挂加速器要好一些。以上只是表述我个人的观点,希望能帮到你
  17. 在设置里找到重置,或者尝试把插件卸载了重新安装
  18. Franze P.


  19. Hello, weicome to my space. It's a pleasure to join the community to communicate with everybody!

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