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  1. The chances are that it was a wrong ID. As an admin myself i know i have mistakenly kicked the wrong ID due to the fact we type so fast and mistype numbers apologies for this
  2. Good morning everyone, 


    This afternoon around 2PM i will be hosting a Q&A stream whilst save making for H64 - If you are interested in coming along and asking some questions about what we do at Flagship or even about H64 itself, you can find me on twitch: www.twitch.tv/djinsomnia90. One of the founders from Flagship events will also be joining me to answer any questions you may have. Hope to see you all there 

  3. With H64 fast approaching we at Flagship are looking for your help, we have plenty of operator slots still available for people to fill. As some may know H64 is one of Flagships biggests charity events known to the TruckersMP community and to be part of it, is well a huge opportunity for any person. If you fill that you can help out for this event please feel free to message me

    1. M.J.


      I have filled in some slots. Cant do many of the dates tho. 

  4. Thank you for all your congratulation messages - I am very grateful for any and all messages. 

    1. Pillow


      Congrats DJ! You deserve this!

    2. Pillow


      Congrats DJ! You deserve this!

  5. Today at 11am BST there will be a one minute silence to remember all the victims of the #Manchester terror attack, i personally ask that anyone who is online to stop what they are doing for just 1 minute of your day to remember those loved and lost not just for then, but all previous attacks aswell

  6. There was a new update for ETS2 and ATS - As yet these are NOT compatible with MP. You will get a launcher update when we have done.
  7. For all users - There was a new update for ETS2 and ATS - As yet these are NOT compatible with MP. As always you will get a launcher update when we have done.

    1. Pillow




      aww too bad :P

    2. Lukas4544 [LTU]

      Lukas4544 [LTU]

      downgrading wont help. .... 

      rip me :(

  8. Your question on this topic has been answered, however this help section is for games that are not working or people with account issues. /locked and moved
  9. Hello @AceSwordGames, Have you tried my solution, It goes more into depth about a possible solution, which i have given before and has worked. Regards Djinsomnia
  10. Hello @ben32777 Has you issue been resolved, If yes please mark the best answer so we can close this post Regards Djinsomnia
  11. Hello @AceSwordGames, This is a problem we get quite often - I am going to assume you have used an engine sound mod recently and tried to use it in MP? Well simple solution is Copy your profiles folder from your My Documents - Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Profiles (Put this somewhere safe). Delete the Euro Truck Folder Uninstall ETS2 from steam. Reinstall ETS2 - Run the game and create a new profile - Check to see if sounds work again. After you have done this and checked the sounds work, readd your profiles back in and hopefully you will have your sounds back. On that note please remember only certain mods are allowed in MP which are all listed on this forum. Regards Djinsomnia
  12. This is because of the time difference between single player and multiplayer, Single player - Time freezes when you disconnect Multiplayer - Time runs constantly therefore you game is making up for the difference between SP and MP
  13. Please be aware, the latest ETS2 update is not currently supported by MP. 



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    2. [RLC] Leo

      [RLC] Leo

      was in the shower and didnt cancel it in time :(

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      my game updated after I got out of MP :(

    4. _ThEAssasiN_


      Yea ,thanks for  inform.

  14. You get them from running ETS2 as a standard game so running it with the MP theoretically should gain you the cards. Although they are not gained directly through MP
  15. Flagship Events - The communities Number 1 events team bring you a convoy to celebrate the year that has been. 



  16. Hello @Elsha3R, On all servers except #EU1 You are able to purchase and use a scout car - You can buy the car at any dealership in the game. As stated above anyone can use it, but you can only use it without the police accessories.
  17. Hello @Pittsburgh#21, Please verify the integrity of your ETS2 game files, If this does not work try reinstalling ETS2 itself.
  18. Hello @Chen-sama, Could you please mark the best answer to your question and state whether your query was resolved
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