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  1. Have a good Sunday, everyone

  2. The new system requirement is nice, but those who use 4gb of ram will now have to use 8gb to get the most out of the game.
  3. Have a good weekend, everyone, and have fun!

  4. Use the reflection rendering scale at 50% or less and the reflection at a lower level, but the vegetation itself consumes (FPS), you can also try unchecking the (Depth of Field DOF) option, as it also helps with (FPS).
  5. Hi XxQufDezxX, the use of save editing does not give a ban at first sight for a few factors: It is not allowed to cause extreme lag or game crashes through save editing. Extreme lag will not occur with duplicate parts, unless the quantity is really excessive. Use truck parts in cars or buses. If you save edit to create a very long trailer combination, but cannot handle it safely, you may be banned for reckless driving and/or blocking, and it is recommended to remove the specific modification(s). If the game moderation considers that your modification is not suitable for our servers or that it negatively affects other people, you will be subject to being banned. §3 - Save Editing
  6. Hi XxQufDezxX, everyone can change their avatar to another one without any problem, but bear in mind that some avatars are not accepted on the platform, I suggest you read rule §1 - Rules for the entire service, have a good afternoon.
  7. My best experience was when I managed to pass between two vehicles in a tight spot, and very nearly didn't damage my truck or the cars, even in offline mode. The most annoying experience was on a rainy day, when I went to make a turn and ended up falling into a river.
  8. A ban is unlikely to come, at most a kick from the server and a warning, but to be honest, it wouldn't be good to use this vehicle in this way.
  9. Good Morning the Everyone

  10. I prefer the Scania, because it's a beautiful truck that looks good with any color, but it's very slow to start, and the Volvo is the one that stands out the most
  11. Calais is still one of the busiest places, but Duisburg isn't far behind either, as it's also one of the places with the highest concentration of players.
  12. Very cool this DLC, with its breathtaking landscapes and sights
  13. It is difficult to say that this idea one day can be analyzed and put into practice, because with the current system there are still players who even taking punishment circumvents the rules and makes new accounts and end up evading punishment to commit other more serious things, so this new system may not be accepted in this way.
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