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  1. GOOD NEWS! After many hours of endless searching I found what I needed to replace. I then had a 7 hour hunt for an appropriate replacement. Then someone from the discord replied and it worked! I appreciate the efforts to give information and I am glad I was able to solve this finally!
  2. @Felipe Leandroreckless driving is reckless driving. If they are driving insane and other users are on the road you can report for reckless driving as far as i know. (Mods feel free to correct me please if im wrong)
  3. My answer wasnt even an option. We need renault K and C trucks to be in game hopefully they will be added along with the new renault t and renault t high because they look great and would be perfect for kirkenes quarry! drive safe everyone
  4. One thing which i highly suggest is slowing a little bit before corner then when you are halfway in the corner speed back up. It seems to work. But also I want to point out that the game has speed limits for a reason so if you’re caught flying round roads way above limits don’t be surprised if you get reported for reckless driving or a mod pulls you over to talk about it have great day and remember, drive safe everyone!!
  5. No this question has not been answered. reply to the first answer: i am not trying to change the text or flag i am trying to change the background reply to second answer. I know save editing and that guide for coloring plates only tells you how to color text. my question remains unanswered at this current time
  6. Hello ^_^ I see this licence plate yesterday. I really wish to know how to get the color to be black like this one ->License plate color I would like please I tried editing dds file and mat file and tobj file but it does not work Please. Someone can help me? Tysm!
  7. Oh also yes I found what I was after but hopefully that link can help other people thanks!
  8. Hello! I got double trailer already what I meant to explain was I wanted trailer that had certain cargo on top of trailer like save edited cargo. I had already checked forums as thats where I learnt to save edit licence plate and engine swap but couldnt find what I needed. For anyone else who is looking for modded cargo I actually found a link to a mod that does it all for you. You can just purchase the trailer with whatever cargo you want on top of it! Link is https://ets2.lt/en/93-rp-mega-pack-v2-beta-work-in-multiplayer-1100-trailers/ for anyone who is interested hopefully it can help someone who was trying to find easy answer like I was! take care stay safe!
  9. My first ever post to feed! Nice!

  10. Hello. Today I was driving down kirkenes and saw triple tanker. And double locomotive. I am wondering if someone can explain how to save edit trailers? Thanks for any help I would really appreciate it a lot! (Mods, I tried finding right place to post this but I hate forums and I have no idea if this is the right place to ask, if not please can you move this to where it needs to be asked? Thanks!)
  11. I picked bottom right the longer white vehicle. As imo looks better :) but will be happy with either!!
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