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    ¡Hola Mario! ¿Cómo puedo hablar con el jefe de los administradores?



    Hello Mario! How do I talk to the chief administrator?


    Olá Mario! Como faço para falar com o chefe dos administradores??

    1. Mari'


      Debes mandar un correo a [email protected]

  2. Suggestion Name : Creating a ranking among companies of the same nationality . Suggestion Description: I would suggest that it created a monthly ranking for companies to compete with each other which delivers more cargo during the month. Any example images : nope Why shouldnt it be added ?: Why there is already a well application in Brazil , most do not trust it because it was already swiped several times in order to benefit businesses of friends of the directors .
  3. Hello  FlyingDutchman . Good afternoon! Please judge my report .

    Follow the link: http://truckersmp.com/pt_BR/reports/view/28687



    Have an excellent day!!

    1. Zirox


      @danielsantos815641 Reports will be dealt with when the admins get around to them. Currently we have a back log of reports.

    2. [S.PLH]Warrior


      @danielsantos815641 i have judged your report 


      have a nice day

    3. NL-LOG.BR  Daniel
  4. Good afternoon Please judge my report thank you !!


    1. Forerunner


      Please stop spamming status updates to IGAs. There are many reports. Verbal warning.



  5. Boa Tarde! Por favor julgue me report desde já agradeço!!! 


    1. Forerunner


      Please stop spamming status updates to IGAs. There are many reports.



  6. I am also having the same problem. (também estou com o mesmo problema).
  7. I do not think fair to those who play a long time , players that begin now are on the same level who plays for several years .------------------------------------------ Thanks!
  8. Thank you all get to do with the ETS2 sync . you can switch to fixed.
  9. Suggestion Name: Online profile different from the offline profile . Suggestion Description: I'm a fan of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and have several friends playing with me daily. Some of my friends started playing recently, and already has millions euros in the game account profile and various tops trucks in the garage. The reason for this is cheating they put in the offline profile , to make money and xp experience quickly. So I would suggest the creation of an online system offline different profile, it would be impossible to win the game to have lots of money and xp experience. A great way would be to put the world of trucks to be mandatory in the online game, then the player would have to gain experience and money without cheating . Any example images: No Why should it be added?: To make it real the game and end the cheat many players.
  10. I'm no longer able to carry the same load as my friend . Before we could even save sharing , but now we can not . We use the same dlc 's and the loads are different. Can someone help me??
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