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  1. Hello again Thanks for all answers, I personally use 12 speed transmission but I use 6 speed too, in drift truck hehe I see that most players prefer 12 speed and its better choice because usually its better for driving with a load
  2. Hello, I'd like to know your opinion about which one gearbox is better. I've seen some comprasing videos but I would like to know the opinions of players who drive longer time on a 6 or 12 speed gearbox. Main questions: Which one is better for longer runs? Which one is better for shorter journeys with multiple stops? Which one is better for max speed? Which one is better for driving in rain? thanks for all answers
  3. Tilod

    Rain Ban?

    Thanks everyone for answers, For me topic is explained
  4. Tilod

    Rain Ban?

    I thought about turning off the skid of the semi-trailer and not the rain, because increasing the stability is not enough, [EDIT] I tried it, it worked, but not very much. But thanks for your help anyway
  5. Tilod

    Rain Ban?

    One more question: I really like driving in rain, but when I'm driving with trailer it throws the trailer to the sides, which increases the chance of an accident with someone from the opposite side up to 100%, so can it be turned off?
  6. Tilod

    Rain Ban?

    Hello, There's my another question, Can you be banned by riding in rain? If i will be banned while i was riding in rain, but it won't necessarily cause an accident because of rain, will it be taken into account that I was driving in the rain? For me there isn't only one answer, so I'm waiting for Your answers!
  7. This problem has been solved, thanks for help
  8. I installed that deleted element and now it works! thanks for help.
  9. Hello, I firstly tried checking game files and there was deleted element so I installed that that and now i'm trying to see diffrence but I can't find any trailer with yacht so I'll text when i'll find
  10. Hello, When I'm playing Truckersmp there is very disturbing problem. I think when someone have trailer with yacht, it's very weird glitching, infinite long black stripes come out of that trailer (i'll add a photo). I don't know why it's happening (it never happened before), but that glitch must come in time 25.05-09.06. Can someone help me solve that problem? (sorry for terrible photo quality, but i can't send bigger file)
  11. Hello, Do you mean boring because nothing is happening here? If you mean that, then roads in central and southern France. I like that DLC because vievs are amazing, but often there are only players in cities (3,4,5). From non-DLC roads can be some UK roads at the top of UK.
  12. Hello! Thanks for every replies, it's very interesting because that's one and only city with that weird rules. I think this discussion can be continued in future so i don't close it. Have a good day! btw i've been banned for reckless driving because I accidentally drove into player in a curve ( I wanted to avoid him but barrier pushem me against him) so such an irony of fate, I ask for reckless driving and get banned for it hehe.
  13. Thanks for answer , I know what is happening every day at the end of NCZ but I'm good driver and for me time isn't that important. Have a great day!
  14. I have a question: Can you get banned by reckless driving in Duisburg? You can't damage other people because it's NCZ
  15. I said in the SAME TIME it means you can't see in SAME time information about fuel cruise control or more in scania truck. Sometimes it's tiring to click I I I I I everytime i want to see actual cruise control speed or real-time fuel usage.
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