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  1. I don't have italy DLC, but maybe next time there will be convoy with vive la france!
  2. Thank you for following! ❤️

  3. Hello, it's me again, i wanted to say what is happening here, and by that meaningful photo you can know that Duisburg NCZ is something new, and i like that TruckersMP want to add something new. But there is for example glitches at the end of map like in the film (film is not mine). But there's a question: What will be next? Calais? 500km Calais-Duisburg road? Players like to be in packs.I know that the game is called EURO truck simulator NOT Duisburg truck simulator however that sounds. If Truckersmp want to lower traffic in Duisburg, they can add some event in small citie
  4. Suggestion: Add new discord serwer with help, but only with admins, mods, or people who know that game for more than 1 year Why should it be addded?: Because when you come to Truckersmp discord and you want to get help at #support channel, you don't know that who will reply you. It can be game veteran, who know all that problems and playing there 6 years, but this can be new player who wanted to help you without experience. How will it work?: There will be 2 channels for example: #support and #mod-support. At #support you can get help from players, and anyone, at #mod
  5. Hello, i know i have added 2 opinions but i wanted to edit last one The question is: how improve this situation I think best will be adding MORE ADMINS there. 1 or 2 will be enought. Traffic in duisburg is because there are road blocks. And why there are road blocks? Because no all of players know how to drive. There are some noobs, but most of them are trolls who destroy that city blocking roads. If admin will come, and ban him, there 50% of traffic will be lowered.
  6. Hello, in my opinion, if truckersmp wanted to get less traffic in duisburg ; it doesn't work. I think the traffic is same, but there are bugs at the end of NCZ zone. trucks are glitching and flying underground. Maybe there will be less road blocks, but it was all fun in that place.
  7. Hello, my suggestion is about arrangement in-game moderators to half-size cities. That's not first time when i had problem with drive in city like rotterdam. Some players are very bored and doing stupid thinks. I heard from my friends that in half-size localizations are roadblocks, because some players are blocking road in two ways with double semitrailer. As a result, in city (rotterdam) was situation when before roadblock was ~40 players, but after that was about 70. I think adding moree admins to that placeees will result less people in roadblock, talking in cb radio about "who is blo
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