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  1. My 'n' button for the horn no longer works in TMP, gone to SCS Convoy and it works fine?.
  2. I too have not played Convoy yet maybe one day maybe not, I've also decided to stick with version 1.41 and just play single player now and then whilst waiting for TMP to release the update.
  3. Thank you kindly sir for the follow 😄

  4. How does one get the rear lights around the cab on the Volvo like in the picture?.
  5. Warp factor DAFT most of the time where I can, but there are drivers faster than me out there I can assure you. Was doing 110km/h the other day on a flat road and someone pulling a locomotive shot past me like I was stood still. speed hack I think it's called, and I dint have the recorder on. D!OH
  6. This looks great!, It also would be my first event on TMP - I will try my best to be there for all of it.
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