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  1. It's preferred that you change paint or buy a new truck with the colors in this image dave123791 (But not required once you have the volvo trailer from the volvo company.) That would be fun. Cya there Marc No problem BigdaveETR, have a safe trip! There is always a next time. Have you done convoy control before HarvS? We are looking for additional help with this event. Also, some admin supervision would be most welcomed and appreciated if possible. Can you add me on Steam HarvS? There will be a rundown on the route from those assisting with the route, so no mistakes are made on the day of the event.
  2. Hello fellow Truckers. Welcome to the Volvo 24 hour convoy. Listing on Ets2c.Com Today I would like to invite you to join a 24 hour convoy, starting on a Friday --17th of July 2015 at 18:00 to 18:00 GMT + 0 the next day. Depending on how successful the convoy is at staying together, and if the convoy is busy throughout the event, we may continue to drive for longer than stated. We want to make this a convoy a memorable one, a fun friendly enjoyable drive, and we are inviting everyone to join us, but if patience is not one of your strong points, then this convoy may not be for you. It will be a slow moving convoy taken off, as we are expecting a large turnout! Organisers Aireviel twitch.tv/aireviel [ETRVTC - CC] Nathan Teddi301196 [GER] TR Logistics | LoveTiki (HIM)H64 Derr1 [CJT-CC]Mr Christmastree [LKW Tr.] Mr.Harv[H64] [s.PLH] Networkcomputer Convoy Directions will come from the above members, and members of LKW, BLS, H64. And hopefully Visoo will be back to join us too. ServerEU #1 Location (Start point) Göteborg, Volvo Company (On-to the slip road to carpark) 18:00 to 18:00 the next day. (We will start arriving 1 hour before.) Convoy Leaders There will be 5 convoy leaders communicating and directing the convoy as it moves through the following route, we do need more people who are willing to help with route control: Destination Goteborg to Calais, (10 minute break.) We will then proceed to Dover, Ferry port on-to Plymouth, to Liverpool, (10 minute break), and then proceeding to Edinburgh and all the way back to Dover, Where we will take a 30 minute break (Giving truckers enough time to stack up on their food and beverages). The convoy will continue to move south east towards Reims and on to Dijon, to Bern, to Torino (ACRES) (15 Min Break), Heading east on-to the A50 near Milano, on-to the A9 towards the A14 to Innsbruck, along the A12, turn right for the A10 & A2 heading south east for Graz, and on to Brno for another (30 min break). From Brno, we will go directly north to Szczecin, and on-to Gdansk to rest for 10 minutes. We will cross into Sweden to Karlskrona ferry port where we will regroup. Finally moving north through Vaxjo, Jonkoping, and past Orebro petrol station rest-stop on the E18 for a (10 minute stop). Proceeding north west now towards Oslo, to end at Bergen. Should we get there to early, we will continue to other destinations. Requirements It's a long route so check the screenshots to see which way we will be moving, in-case you get lost. There is also a requirement for the convoy, in order to keep track of the good guys, (us), we ask that you buy a Volvo and spray it blue or Bluey-black, and pick up your VOLVO trailer from Goteborg Volvo company. (Beside the meeting point.) Please add Volvo24Hour to your tag ingame settings. Strict rules for overtaking and participating during the event Overtaking is strictly prohibited at any time unless a player is severely lagging, in which case, he/she will be asked to drop to the back of the convoy. Overtaking is only allowed in the case of a crash, or an emergency. No overtaking on double white lines. No excessive speeding or peer-pressure to force drivers in-front to drive faster. Speeds will be decided by the convoy leaders to ensure safety and no crashes occur. Its expected there will be a lot of people streaming, so please drive carfully and follow the server rules. Common speeds On slip/single roads will be Approx (50km/h), and (70 km/h) on highways. Updates on the convoy will be posted every 30 mins on this page and the ets2c.com page. If you get lost, please use http://ets2map.com/to track players who are running the convoy. Route Slide1 (provider1) Slide2 Slide3 Slide 4 Slide1 (Provider2) Slide2 Slide3 Slide4 EDIT: Added additional image providers as requested. And stated GMT + 0 time zone of Britain Listed on Ets2c.com http://ets2c.com/view/22238/aireviel-twitchtv-aireviel-gteborg-sea-port We are looking for more people to assist other members to stay with the route provided.
  3. Philip, It happened to me and I was able to move my saves/profile over and when restarting the game, logged in with my registered account and it worked for me.
  4. I beleive this is a problem with Steam, not the game. If you like, I can offer to control your PC via teamviewer and see If I can fix it for you? Send me a PM or add me on steam to arrange a time. Keep in mind, I don't do this for everyone.
  5. For anyone reporting lost saves or profile information. Anytime you update your SCS software, its advised to make a backup of your profile data in your my documents/ets2 forlder. Normally, updates rename your current profiles to -profiles-version-number-here-. If they exist on the previous version, copy your saves/profile to the new ETS profile folder. All should work again. Lets know how you get on.
  6. I think i suggested somehing like this before on another thread. Regardless, I like the idea, and the tab menu should have more options to choose your configuration. +1
  7. My first guess without further info, is you may be having a DLC issue. Can you post the crash log from your ets2 folder in my documents.
  8. Please post in english. Щелкните правой кнопкой мыши внутри пара, ETS2 и перейти к свойствам / бета-версии, и отказаться от бета-версии. Проверьте свою игру, и попробуйте запустить его. Right click inside steam, ETS2 and go to properties / beta, and OPT OUT of the beta. Verify your game, and try launch it. His post reads:
  9. I can confirm this was a bug, but you could fix it both ways as described by FirestarteR93 / Kravaty. I haven't had that issue since the update. I will be playing most of the night, so I will be looking out for it.
  10. Runtime issues generally happen when you're missing C++ redistro packages. Install the download and if its still the same, you'll need to provide more information about your OS.
  11. For the runtime errors, make sure to install the latest .net frameworks and do a google for C++ redist packages. That should help. Report back if you continue to have issues.
  12. Thanks PinkPanther, for making my life easier
  13. You come here looking for help from those who spend countless hours answering questions for free (normally the same questions over and over), and then you compain about the answers you receive. That's a bit rude, isn't it?
  14. You need to open command prompt, and type in: ipconfig /all This will list your ip configuration including your local ip. (look for your local ip) probably starting with 192.*.*.*etc put the ip into your webbrowser, ask your parents to contact your ISP for the login should they not have this information. Once inside the router, look for port forwarding. And forward the stated port in previous post. Hope it helps.
  15. Download the drivers for your video card and don't use the default drivers that come with Windows 7 and 8. On your crash log, you have no GPU listed.
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