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  1. [SUPPORT + COMMUNITY MODERATOR] @OmSaL Topluluk Moderasyonu takımında kalırken Destek takımından ayrıldı. [TRANSLATOR TRAINEE] @Lena' eğitim sürecini tamamlayamadığı için Çeviri takımından çıkarıldı.
  2. I would also like to mention that just as like your example; we, as staff members face the consequences as well if we're wrong. Aside from that, I personally find your examples kind of "not compatible". I don't believe it is suitable to compare us with Police Departments/officers. True, police officers also get harassed sometimes, but they have enough authority, power and permission to stop it, whilst we can only moderate the TruckersMP services. So not much we can do, besides features like this. I don't see any other good way to stop the harassment.
  3. I really don't see how we are immune to the system. We are still accountable by any means, you can report every staff members' decisions/actions via Feedback system and it will be reviewed by team managers as said before. You just won't be given some information excluding some special occasions as you don't actually need it. It's not like we can now do whatever we want. We still have our internal procedures/rules. You don't need the staff member's information(s) to report them, you can simply link the report on the Feedback ticket or provide your in-game evidence. The update will prevent most of the "doxxing" and harassment cases which is aimed towards the staff members and not anything else.
  4. [REPORT MODERATOR] @Kaan . Game Moderator pozisyonuna terfi edildi.
  5. [TRANSLATOR TRAINEE] @TR_Batuhan Translator pozisyonuna terfi edildi.
  6. [GAME MODERATOR + COMMUNITY MODERATOR TRAINEE] @[GökBörü] Snap Dragon'TR Game Moderator olarak kalırken, Language Discord Moderator pozisyonuna terfi edildi.
  7. Hello! Since your topic has been inactive for over fourteen (14) days, I will lock and move it to our Archive sub-forum. We apply these procedures in order to keep the forum organized. If you have any questions, please feel free to DM me. Kindest regards, DatSpeed TruckersMP Game Moderator + Community Moderator // Locked & Moved to Archive
  8. [GAME MODERATOR] @[GökBörü] Snap Dragon'TR Game Moderator olarak kalmaya devam ederken, Topluluk Moderasyonu takımına Trainee (LDM) olarak katıldı.
  9. [RETIRED TEAM MEMBER] @DarkScream[TR] TruckersMP takımına Report Moderator olarak yeniden katıldı.
  10. [RETIRED TEAM MEMBER] @Nightmaree. TruckersMP takımına Support olarak yeniden katıldı.
  11. [PLAYER] @Lena' TruckersMP takımına Translator Trainee olarak katıldı. [PLAYER] @TR_Batuhan TruckersMP takımına Translator Trainee olarak katıldı.
  12. [GAME MODERATION TRAINEE] @Kaan . Report Moderator pozisyonuna terfi edildi.
  13. [COMMUNITY MODERATOR TRAINEE + SUPPORT] @OmSaL Support olarak kalırken, Forum Moderator pozisyonuna terfi edildi.
  14. // Moved to Yardım / Destek
  15. // Moved to Euro Truck Simulator 2 Discussions
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