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  1. Hey @Rivera Hernandezthis is a known issue which other players experience too. You might want to check out this forum topic: I hope I could help you.
  2. You mean that you played in Singleplayer? In ETS we don't call that offline, it's not like GTA or so.
  3. Congrats! = )

  4. Hey Malden, may I ask what specs you have in your PC?
  5. Happy Birthday!

    1. •Nika•


      Thank you :love:

  6. Screenshot_335.png



    My second self-modelled 3D model in Blender.

    1. Fiber.


      Nice sir

    2. Chris2306


      tolles Glas :troll: 

    3. Simu


      Jeder fängt mal klein an, Chrissilein. : D 

  7. Iceland definitely has a very scenic & beautiful landscape, but I'm not too sure if it's that good, when loads of people are driving on those narrow roads....I would think that that would lead to congestion and it wouldn't be fun to be stuck in a traffic jam.
  8. [email protected] what do you mean with "winter deck wheel"? Could winter tires be what you mean? If that's the case, SCS hasn't integrated such a feature in ETS or ATSyet...so there is no difference between summer & winter tires. But it shouldn't be too slippery on the road either, as TMP removed the winter physics in ETS a few weeks ago, due to some problems. I hope I could help you.
  9. Well I'm the DAF on the right...
  10. I would love to see a rework of all truck textures, some trucks really don't look nice.
  11. Simu

    Thanks for the follow! = )

    1. .Ace.


      im new to all this lol but np

    2. Simu
  12. Nice to see you joining back. :)

  13. Definitely better than the old system. Visual appearance is nice too, love it. < 3
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