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  1. I can definitely confirm that. In my case I had problems with the Mack Anthem - simply couldn't find a suitable seat position to be a able to see the mirrors properly. I feel like finding a suitable position in the Peterbilt 389 for instance is a lot easier. It really depends on the truck in my opinion.
  2. Il y a beaucoup des errors...je pense que la proposition de Nightsword est une bonne idée.
  3. Bonjour, est-ce que tu peux nous envoyer le "game.log" s'il te plaît? On peut trouver le log ici: C:\Users\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2. Je pense que ça serait plus facile pour résoudre ton problème.
  4. Hallo, Bans werden grundsätzlich nicht gelöscht. Sie bleiben in Deiner history, werden allerdings als inaktiv gewertet, nachdem ein Jahr nach der Ausstellung vergangen ist. --> siehe §2 - Game only rules "§2.8 - How bans are issued The first 3 bans are issued at the staff member’s discretion. The 4th ban is thirty days. The 5th ban is permanent. Any bans older than 12 months at the time of the new ban being issued are ignored, this 12 month period is the ban cooling-off period. Ban extensions are based on the active (less than 12 months old) bans at the time of expiration and will not be altered if a ban goes over the 12 month period while the ban is active. If you have at least two active history bans in your ban history, Game Moderators will extend your next ban to a permanent ban, regardless of how many bans you have had in the last year. Bans that are extended due to it being your 4th or 5th ban cannot be removed, they are strictly thirty days and permanent." Ich hoffe ich konnte Dir Deine Frage beantworten.
  5. Thanks for following. : )

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      Youre welcome have a good one ❤️

  6. Happy birthday! 

  7. Thank you for the follow!

  8. Thank you for the follow! 

  9. A lot of cities in the Californian area look pretty plain and boring, a texture rework would be nice to see as well. It's nice to see that SCS is reworking "old areas" in ATS, just like they do with Germany in ETS.
  10. Hi wen_nug, setting your Steam profile back to private after registering on TruckersMP shouldn't be a problem, as they don't need information from your Steam acc anymore after registration. I hope I could help you.
  11. Hallo, das Iberia DLC wird erst ab der 1.40 unterstützt, anders würde dies keinen Sinn ergeben. Das heißt, dass man auf den 1.40 Support von TMP erst warten muss, dies kann aber noch etwas dauern. Du könntest höchstens auf der 1.40 im Singleplayer fahren und somit auch Iberia erkunden.
  12. Salut Lulu, il y a une autre option dans le "TAB". La option s'appelle LIMITEUR DE VITESSE aussi, tu dois enlever le crochet. Je pense que donc tu peux dépasser les 90 km/h.
  13. Hi zak_mull, only certain mods work when playing TMP, mods which are not supported get disabled automatically when joining a server. In this thread all supported mods are listed: But so-called "local mods" are possible, certain accessoires that can be added to your truck. If you wish to use a "graphics-like" mod you might want to check out ReShade. ReShade is an external plug-in with loads of filters, which can improve the visual look of your game in a certain way.
  14. Thanks for the follow!

  15. Hi Angelina, it seems like your username already has been reset to your User ID. If I were you, I'd contact support and ask them to change your nickname to one, which works & displays correctly. Maybe they'll accept the request & do you the favour.
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