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Community Answers

  1. The WOT Present cargo, does it have to be completed on single player or can it be done on multiplayer? 

    1. MaxiTuX


      It can be done in MP as well, the only thing is that you'll be the only one to see it, others will see a white normal cargo.

    2. RyanUK
  2. Is the new Special Transport DLC supported in game?

  3. Happy birthday 

    1. RyanUK


      Thank You

    2. Elysia ELF

      Elysia ELF

      Good Timing m8 

  4. Do cars count as useless traffic on the C-D road? Is this a ban or kick situation?

    1. Interstate Nomad

      Interstate Nomad

      Useless traffic is defined by the amount of traffic in an specific area, but not by an area alone.


      For example, a scout driving the Calais-Duisburg route at midnight with few to non other traffic around is as legit as a truck.

      At peak times however with lots of other vehicles around a Scout can be regarded as useless traffic.

      Only exception would be if it is used as an escort vehicle of a convoi.


      I think it is a kickable offense only.

    2. [TSRVTC] Janty

      [TSRVTC] Janty

      Cars dont count as useless onless you use them as useless, example you in europort and its a square, so you can either take the boat or come back out, if you just drive in ad drive back out that counts a useless traffic

  5. How many likes can this post receive?:troll:

    1. Folriden


      One from me)

  6. Don't go to Duisburg EU#2. 



  7. How do I get rid of the snow. I haven't got Winter Mod installed. The Winter Mod box is 'unticked' in tab menu. (ETS2)

    1. DJ Lewis

      DJ Lewis

      Uncheck 'Seasonal Effects' in the tab menu. :)

    2. RyanUK


      Thank you. People IG were saying it was Winter mod tick box. No one mentioned Seasonal Effects.

    3. DJ Lewis

      DJ Lewis

      Mhm, I had the same problem as you last year and then someone eventually gave me a solution. :P

  8. For bullet point number 3 - Go to the directory where you saved TruckersMP. Mine is [D:/ProgramFiles/TruckersMP/core_ets2mp.dll]
  9. Oh I see. I haven't played this game for months. Thank you
  10. I completed my load as can be seen in the picture with the red flag. What i cannot see, is the white rectangle as to where to park the trailer. Any ideas on what to do? I tried parking in the space where it would be and where others were parking to unload, but to no avail. https://imgur.com/a/j1kpv
  11. I deleted my Controls.sii file. Re-mapped my controls and the problem has gone. Thank you guys for your help. SOLVED FOR NOW
  12. Xbox One Controller - Even when I press "space", my handbrake comes on. When I press TAB and Right Click - I am unable to move the mouse - so not able to use the report/tab settings. I can turn off CB Radio by moving the screen, so the mouse is over the button
  13. Its difficult to explain in words. While playing ETS2, when I press Y to type - each letter I press, it starts doing what each letter has been told to do. When I type in chat, "T" - trailer uncouples When I type in chat "P" - wipers turn on. If I write the word "Put" into the chat, the wipers would turn on "P" and then the trailer would de-attach "T". This only happens in ETS2. ATS works with no problems. Sorry if this doesn't a lot of sense.
  14. I got my controller to work by uninstalling the Controller via Device Manager - restarting PC and plugging it back in. Now another problem has started. When I go to type, If I type the letter 'P', my wipers start to go. If I type the letter 'T' my trailer detaches. How do I make it so I can type without any actions being done?
  15. I only installed Windows 10 last Sunday. These are the updates I got. Should I just start from the top and see how it goes. http://imgur.com/rqcxj0K I'm thinking about going back to Windows 7
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