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  1. I may not do things correctly, but in my doc/ets2mp folder, I created a new folder mod, put the 3 files in it. Started the game, got winter mod textures but still got kicked out for invalid client. Any one else ?
  2. J'en suis navré, cette ligne m'avait en effet échappé, ça me servira de leçon et bien entendu ça n'était pas méchant mais juste.
  3. Je vais faire mon rabat-joie, désolé, j'adore ton post toussa toussa mais cependant : Corrige moi si je me trompe, mais ce n'est pas le cas. Sinon, très belle présentation, le site web est fonctionnel, pas de liens cassés, c'est propre.
  4. I don't know if it's the same for everyone, but I only do WoT and so far what I observed this morning, 90km/h outside town, normal. But I was only limited to 80km/h within cities, I don't know if it's a bug or not but I was never limited to 60km/h (on EU2 server)
  5. @KallusRourke If you're having too much trouble with the roads feel free to pm questions, I'll try to give a shot at enlightening you the best I can
  6. This is the sound produced by the tires, lower means quieter. I don't know if it is 100% accurate in ETS2 but IRL some tires make less noise on the road
  7. Beacons on the bull bar or otherwise on the front of the truck is not allowed. topic : C'est en anglais mais concretement, en français, aucun gyro sur le devant du camion, et pas plus de gyro (en nombre) que le nombre possible sans modding sur le toit
  8. TL;DR : Make the plan. Execute the plan. Expect the plan to go off the rails. Throw away the plan And now, you'll break their servers again by having 108k people downloading it from scratch once more.
  9. Honestly, it wouldn't bother me that much if it went on multiplayer even without the restrictions. You take this cargo like a normal one. You are so slow with it that kiddies that just want to speed won't bother taking them. Do you see that much people trolling with the heavy cargo already ? Sure it would slow single lane roads as you won't be able to overtake easily a truck like that but IRL when you're stuck behind a truck going 50/60 on a mountain road, well you just wait a drive behind him. That's how it is.
  10. MaxiTuX

    Rule Update

    @rebirth https://prnt.sc/ge50q9 Here is a screenshot that prove it, it might change in the future, but as for now, it stands And since they changed ban for hacking to perm, it is either nothing or a perm
  11. MaxiTuX

    Rule Update

    Not exactly correct, You don't get banned everytime for breaking a rule, it could just be a kick (take for example the ghost driving rule, ghost driving is just a kick if it's the only offence), like if an admin goes by and see you afk on the side of the C-D road (example but there is always 25+ players) they now have a rule that gives them permission to kick you. I know they had the right before but now, there is a set frame of when they can and when it's ok for you to just stop on the side because your lasagnas are ready and you have to take them out of your oven.
  12. Si c'est en multi, c'est normal, il n'y a jamais de traffic sur truckersmp, t'imagines C-D avec en plus des AI. LOL Si c'est en solo, essaie de taper dans la console (le ²) : g_traffic 1 tu l'as peut etre desactivé par erreur
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